The Queen’s Guard Plays the GoT Theme

Hi, guys! Bad news–still no last Blogiversary Bash write-up. I promise, I’m not trying to drag this out. Lol. Fingers crossed, it’ll be all ready tomorrow. In the meantime, I found an epic, epic video for my Game of Thrones fans. I’ve already played a version of the GoT theme completely dedicated to Peter Dinklage, but have you guys heard this version of the Queen’s Guard playing the theme? Seriously, I get chills.

To Ease Your Game of Thrones Withdrawals

Hi, guys! Busy times here! Not only is it smack dab in the middle of birthday season in my family (we all have our birthdays within five weeks–not to mention Father’s Day), but my super cool sister is here to visit (read her hilarity in the Shenanigans Archives and see her in my NYC post), so forgive me if I fall behind on responding to comments and/or keeping up with your blogs over the next week or so (like I haven’t fallen waaaayyyy behind already). I am not intentionally being neglectful–I am just bonding with the fam. Continue reading

The Best Version of the Game of Thrones Main Theme You Will Ever Hear

Time for another lazy video post! However, it’s a pretty glorious one this time, if I do say so myself. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that are awesome–like a Game of Thrones theme song devoted entirely to Peter Dinklage. Like, ENTIRELY. Watch it and you’ll see what I mean. Many thanks to my friend HoneyB (who posted this review back during NOOOOvember) for sharing this with me! She really does know me too well. Continue reading

Question of the Month: Worst Comic Book Movie

If you’ve never looked into Luke’s Question of the Month posts, that needs to change today. They get more and more epic each time. This month’s question was about the worst of the worst in comic book movies with a bonus three-word description of everyone’s favorite Game of Thrones villain, Joffrey. Enjoy the responses. Thanks for another awesome QOTM, Luke!

Oracle of Film

It’s a tough life for a comic book movie. While they might be surpassing all expectations, they don’t have too much choice. Even before Marvel set the bar terrifyingly high with Avengers Assemble, the stakes were high. These characters have become myths, legends to their fans. Most superhero comics were created as a form of escapism during the Great Depression, so they have a special place in our hearts. These movies have the tough job of living up to that, so it stands to reason that some superhero movies are going to fail miserably. Below, you guys, have been given a chance to rant about the worst of those movies.

I have also included a sub-category, where each of you described Joffrey in three words. Be warned, I have permitted very strong language to be used, seeing as we are talking about everyone’s favourite Game of Thrones character. I personally…

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Cara’s Top 10 TV Crushes

Hey, girl. I'm honored that you chose me as--wait. TV stars? ...Oh.

Hey, girl. I’m honored that you chose me as–wait. TV stars? …Oh.

Hi, friends! I’m about a million light-years behind all of the cool kids on writing up one of these, but I had nothing planned for today, so I thought, “Why not finally get around to writing a list of my TV crushes?” And now here we are! So without further ado, I give you the top ten television fellas that get my heart a-racin’. Continue reading

Game of Thrones: seven families, one (ugly) throne

Game of Thrones

It’s time for another TV review theme! This round of reviews will hone in on (drum roll, please)…Grown-Up Fantasy! There’s been a steady stream of fantasy television over the last several years, and though most of it is appropriate for families, some shows are geared strictly toward adults. Of these grown-up fantasy shows, probably none of them are more clearly for adults than HBO’s huge hit, Game of Thrones. Continue reading