Resolutions 2016: Rocky

rocky 2

Okay, kids. Apologies for being a day later than I said, but it’s time to start this brand spankin’ new year off right by getting in a few movie resolutions. That’s right—my Resolutions series has officially begun!!! Got a lot of great stuff from a lot of great folks that will be popping up on here over the next few weeks Continue reading

A Resolutions Reminder

Hello, lovely people, and happy Christmas week! Seriously though, can you believe Christmas is Friday?? I, for one, cannot. Thankfully, 99 percent of my shopping is done. I hope the same can be said for you guys! Anyway, since January is fast approaching, I just wanted to send out a little reminder about my upcoming Resolutions series. Continue reading

Prepare yourself for RESOLUTIONS!!!

resolutions 2016

Hi there, friends! Well, I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about this–particularly this week when we American folks have our minds on turkey and pie and Black Friday deals–but I’m looking further ahead. Beyond Thanksgiving and beyond Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate), we’ve got the new year to look forward to. Continue reading

A Resolutions Reminder

resolution terminator 1.5

Good day, friends! How’s everyone doing? Have a merry Christmas and all that jazz? Still have presents lying around? Still recovering from all of that glorious holiday food? Whatever your post-Christmas state, I hope you’re up for a challenge. That’s right–I’m challenging you. What’s the challenge, pray tell? Continue reading

Are You Ready for Some Resolutions?

resolutions 2015

Hello and Happy Monday to you! I know we just finished NOOOOvember, so it might be a little obnoxious of me to turn right around and ask for more, but…well, I’m gonna do it anyway. Lol. Here’s the deal, folks: we’re well on our way to the beginning of a brand spankin’ new year, and, as such, I’m itching to revive a series I did at the beginning of the year–one of my biggest hits yet. Continue reading