Daniel Radcliffe Raps…and It’s Amazing

A lot of you have probably seen this already, but I simply couldn’t resist sharing. You see, Daniel Radcliffe has been keeping a secret from us. What is this earth-shattering secret, you may ask? Homeboy can RAP. Exhibit A: the above video of Mr. Radcliffe on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Kimmel. Continue reading

Duets: The Book of Life and Horns

horns 2

It’s Friiiiidaaaaayyyyy!!! And you know what just occurred to me? There’s a lot of stuff out and/or coming out right now. I just saw an awesome movie last weekend (review coming soon), I’m seeing what I suspect shall be another awesome one tonight, Mockingjay is out next weekend, The Babadook will (hopefully) be available soon…It’s a busy time, y’all. Continue reading