A Tribute to David Bowie and Alan Rickman

rickman and bowie 3

Hey, guys. So I didn’t get the chance to address this last week, but…it was a rough week, huh? We lost a rock icon and a legendary actor in one fell swoop–both Brits, both age 69, both to cancer. It’s uncanny, really, that we should lose two such well-known and well-loved individuals so close together and in such similar ways. Continue reading

Resolutions 2014: Die Hard

Die Hard

After The IPC led the charge into this series yesterday with a hilarious review of The Godfather, I’m putting in my two cents on a film resolution of my own: Die Hard! I hadn’t intended to watch this one for Resolutions, but after a very strong reaction from several readers upon hearing that I hadn’t seen it, I decided that maybe Die Hard was worth a watch. Continue reading