The Night of the Doctor

Okay, Doctor Who nerds–I couldn’t help myself. The BBC released a mini-episode earlier today entitled The Night of the Doctor, which vaguely explains the origins of John Hurt’s “War Doctor.” Very, very interesting…Also some help from Eighth Doctor Paul McGann. Check it out! The Day of the Doctor 50th anniversary special is nearly upon us (Nov. 23)!

The Skinny: Upcoming Fall TV

Fall TV 2013

It’s mid-August, and you know what that means: school’s in session. Kids have started hitting the books, college students have moved into dorms, families are settling into routines—all that jazz. It can be a bummer, sure, but you know what’s great about all this? We’ll finally be getting back all our favorite TV shows! Plus, with a whole bundle of new shows on the way, there might even be some new favorites just waiting to dazzle us. Continue reading

And the 12th Doctor will be…

We don’t know yet, but we will in less than 48 hours! Ever since Matt Smith announced he will be leaving gloriously geeky Doctor Who, Whovians have been driving themselves crazy trying to guess at his replacement. Now, the BBC is pulling out all the stops to announce the 12th Doctor, holding a live special and everything. The special will air Continue reading