Birdman: or the (expected) brilliance of magical realism and metacinema


Is using terms like “metacinema” and “magical realism” a little pretentious? If so, I apologize. I just get excited when I can use all those fancy lit terms I learned in school! Because Birdman is definitely a film worthy of fancy lit terms. This is one that I honestly didn’t expect to see for awhile. Continue reading

Duets: Housebound and The Babadook

babadook 2

Finally. FINALLY. I have been waiting all year for horror films I could get excited about, but at last here are two that I thoroughly enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong—there have been a few pretty decent ones in 2014 (like Oculus, Horns, and Honeymoon), but nothing that really made the horror genre fresh and interesting again (at least in my humble opinion). Continue reading

Duets: Honeymoon and Bad Words


Well I had a new movie-watching experience for this Duet—I rented something from iTunes. Have you guys rented stuff from them before? I don’t know if I want to make a habit of it, but I was eager to see Honeymoon, and since it was a super limited release, iTunes was pretty much my only option. I decided to pair that with a new DVD release, Bad Words. I figured pairing a horror with a comedy would be good for me. Haha. Anyway, let’s sing a little movie duet, shall we? Continue reading

Duets: 22 Jump Street and How to Train Your Dragon 2


Well this is a type of post I haven’t done in a while! So here’s a refresher for new readers and/or those who have forgotten (because I haven’t done one of these in over three months): Duets is a feature where I do mini reviews of two brand new movies or two movies that have recently come out on DVD. I don’t do this often—just when I’ve seen some things pretty close together and want to give myself a break by miniaturizing their reviews. Continue reading

Neighbors: beer pong, breast pumps, and a battle royale


It’s not often that a pure comedy will spark my curiosity. Of the 20 Films I expressed interest in seeing this year, I guess only three of them (this, 22 Jump Street, and Horrible Bosses 2) would be considered pure comedies (unless you count The Lego Movie, but I tend to lump animated films into a different category). Well-done comedies seem especially hard to come by—perhaps even harder to ferret out than well-done horrors Continue reading