Marvel’s Dubsmash War

In this war, we all win.

As a fan of both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, I couldn’t resist sharing with you the most epic Marvel war to date: the Comic-Con 2015 Dubsmash War. Many of you have probably already seen this, but for those of you who haven’t…well, it all began with a delightful little Oompa Loompa Dubsmash tweet Continue reading

Things I’m Geeking About Right Now: Post-Comic-Con Edition

Oh come on. You know you're a little sad you missed this.

Oh come on. You know you’re a little sad you missed this.

There has been an absolute FLOOD of movie and TV stuff following the Holy Days of Geek that we loyal disciples refer to as Comic-Con, so I thought this would be a superb time to revive my Things I’m Geeking About Right Now segment–which I haven’t done in quite some time, come to think of it. Continue reading

Cage of Thrones

The night is dark and full of Cages...

The night is dark and full of Cages…

Remember when I was all, “Guys, I’m totally gonna get back to reviewing movies soon!!!” …Yeah. Well, I will eventually. :/ I’ll be honest: I have family in town right now, so I have neither the time nor the desire to spend excessive time at a computer this week. BUT NEXT WEEK I SWEAR!!! …Probably. 😉 Continue reading

Magic Mike, as interpreted by children

Guys, I pinky swear I will be back to posting actual reviews again soon, but…can I just have one more lazy video post? Like, just one more? …Okay, it probably won’t be my last lazy video post. But really, I will be back to movie reviews next week. I still have three new movies to tackle! And I was going to do a post dealing with that today, but when I saw this wonderful video, no force on Earth could keep me from sharing it.

As you know, I’m quite fond of Jimmy Fallon and all his Tonight Show shenanigans, so when I saw the summary for this one, I knew it had to be watched as soon as possible. Channing Tatum was on the show to promote Magic Mike XXL–a movie that I have literally zero interest in after the first one kinda sucked. (Also, “XXL?” Seriously?) But what Fallon and co. did for this little sketch was ask elementary school students to write short scenes titled “Magic Mike.” That’s all the kids had to go with–the title. They didn’t know anything about the films; they just used the titles and filled in the stories themselves. Fallon and Tatum picked a few of these scenes to perform, and they are all 100% hilarious. If you need some laughs to get you through the rest of your day, I suggest this.

Blogiversary Bash: Oracle of Film

Still looking for Blogiversary Bash ideas, but not sure what to do? Well, it might be some work, but you can always go the video route. The fantastic Mr. Luke Abbott of Oracle of Film pulled together an absolutely glorious one last year. In honor of his greatness and the nearness of the second annual Blogiversary Bash, I present once again his video.

Silver Screen Serenade

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!!! After dropping hints here and there and even releasing a brief teaser trailer, the ridiculously cool Mr. Luke Abbott of Oracle of Film has released his video for the Blogiversary Bash!!! It is a glorious little tribute to TV. Thank you so much, Luke. You’re the best!!! 😀 Before watching, here’s a message from the filmmaker himself:

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Blogiversary Bash: A Quote Tribute to The Princess Bride

My Blogiversary Bash kicks off next week! Still trying to come up with a fun idea? Well, I started things off with a quote tribute to The Princess Bride, and it’s probably one of my favorite little write-ups to date. You can do a quote tribute, too! Check it out:

Silver Screen Serenade

princess bride

So if Blogiversary Bash is all about celebrating our favorite things in film/television, how could I not post something about The Princess Bride? This movie literally has something for everyone–action, adventure, young Cary Elwes, hilarity, good performances, young Cary Elwes, good dialogue, pirates, young Cary Elwes, a giant, a love story…Did I mention young Cary Elwes?

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Cara’s Top 10 TV Crushes

How about a little Mancrush Monday for you? Here’s a reblog dealing with some of my favorite men from the TV world.

Silver Screen Serenade

Hey, girl. I'm honored that you chose me as--wait. TV stars? ...Oh. Hey, girl. I’m honored that you chose me as–wait. TV stars? …Oh.

Hi, friends! I’m about a million light-years behind all of the cool kids on writing up one of these, but I had nothing planned for today, so I thought, “Why not finally get around to writing a list of my TV crushes?” And now here we are! So without further ado, I give you the top ten television fellas that get my heart a-racin’.

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A Tribute to Christopher Lee

christopher lee

Hey, guys. So I’d intended to post something else today, but in the midst of work and moving to my new apartment and all of that craziness, I got a bit of a shock–the wonderful Sir Christopher Lee apparently passed away a few days ago. Really, it shouldn’t have been a shock. The man was 93 years old. Even so, he just seemed like one of those staples of movies, you know? Continue reading

Saving Mr. Banks: a Disneyfied tale of the team behind Mary Poppins

Some people might think it’s a little too sappy, but I actually enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks quite a bit. What did you guys think? Anyway, here’s my review from last year.

Silver Screen Serenade


It’s funny how the films you don’t intend to see can take you by surprise. Saving Mr. Banks was one of those films that I’d heard good things about, but I’d shrugged it off as a rental simply because it didn’t catch my interest (if I’m being honest, biographies and/or true stories rarely do).

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