April Fools 2015: Cara’s Top 5 Twist Endings

april fools brace yourselves

Good day, everyone, and welcome to APRIL FOOLS!!!! …I mean, not that April Fools…Well, actually, yes, that April Fools, too, but…Let’s start over. Welcome to my April Fools blog series, which I’m calling April Fools for a number of reasons that I’d like to believe are very clever (even though they’re probably not). Continue reading

An April Fools Reminder

Poor guy thought all five movies were an elaborate April Fools hoax...

Poor guy thought all five movies were an elaborate April Fools hoax…

Hello, hello, lovely people! Remember when I tossed up this post a while back asking if anyone would like to participate in an April blog series about big twists in film and television? Well, I just wanted to post a little reminder in case any of you had forgotten about it. Because April 1 is a week from today! Gees, where is this year going?! Continue reading

An April Fools Proposal

april fools mr t

What’s up, amigos? So around this time last year (well, a few weeks earlier if I’m being honest), I put out a little post inviting guests to participate in a future blog series. This series ran the month of April, dealing with lovable idiots of film and television. Fittingly, I called it “April Fools.” It was a lot of fun and, I believe, my most successful guest series to date! Continue reading

April Fools 2014: Cara’s lovable animated idiots

lion king

Time flies when you’re talking about fools, doesn’t it? Seems like April Fools has still only just begun, yet here we are on the last post! That’s right—today is the last post because tomorrow is reserved for a very special reblog…but you’ll see. 😉 Anyway, I couldn’t close out this series without discussing quite possibly my favorite lovable idiots yet: animated idiots! So here we go! Continue reading

April Fools 2014: Consumed by Film

consumed by film

Happy Friday, you beautiful people! That’s right–you’re beautiful. Know what else is beautiful? A nice list of lovable idiots. Lucky for you, I have such a list for you from Adam of Consumed by Film. That’s right, Adam took some time away from his excellent movie and TV review site (that you should certainly follow) to share his own list of April Fools. Let’s check out his picks! Continue reading