Resolutions 2016: We Need to Talk About Kevin

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TGIF, amigos! Well, we survived another week–although survival may be a little tougher for some of us in the Midwest/along the East Coast right now. How many of you are buried under several inches and/or feet of snow right now? As I type this, I’m currently awaiting the arrival of a little blizzard myself. It’s not supposed to hit us too hard, I hope, but I am definitely dreading it. Anyway, I’m not here just to complain about the weather, I promise. I’m here to present yet another guest resolution for my Resolutions series! Today’s guest is Mr. MovieRob, who is rapidly coming up on his 2,000th movie review! Be sure to pop over and check out his stuff. Time to get him a little closer to 2,000 with this review…


“Me and Kevin were playing Xmas kidnapping.” – Celia

Number of Times Seen – 1 (7 Jan 2016)

Brief Synopsis –A mother thinks back upon her life when she tries to understand where her troubled son started to go off track

My Take on it –This is a movie that is a perfect choice for me to use for Cara’s amazing Resolutions series.

I have avoided this movie like the plague for the last 4 years despite being curious as to what it really is about.

I even watched the first five minutes years ago and turned it off because I wasn’t sure if I liked the way it was going.

The only thing that I knew about this movie before watching it, was the fact that it tried to explore how a parent deals with a child who is evil.

My first thought (before seeing the movie) was that it possible would be about the life a woman like the mother of Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Lee Harvey Oswald or even Hannibal Lechter. and how she would deal with what her son did.

It seemed to me to sound like a movie that goes to VERY dark places and since I’m not a fan of dark themed films at all, I steered clear.

Now thanks to Cara’s wonderful yearly reminder to us all that we should stop avoiding movies that need to be watched, I made the difficult but worthwhile venture into this movie.

I liked the way this movie jumps back and forth between flashbacks of the innocent seeming past and the present which has been marred by the unnamed event.

We ask ourselves numerous questions about the present that are slowly answered in the course of the journey thru the past.

As a parent myself, the premise itself is a great one because we all tend to unconditionally love our children, but the question remains as to whether that changes when they commit a horrifying act.

This movie had me thinking about the premise for days and I enjoyed having to entertain all of the philosophical and psychological questions that arise while watching a movie like this one.

I can’t say that this movie will now be counted among my favorites because it still elicits a very dark theme and as much as I enjoyed the finished product it isn’t one that I plan to seek out again in the near future.

Thanks again to Cara for helping me get another Resolution movie checked off my list!

MovieRob’s Favorite Trivia – The colours on the target for the bow and arrow are in every scene. (Red, blue, yellow and white) (From IMDB)

Rating – Globe Worthy (8/10)

Thanks, Rob! This one sounds interesting! Maybe I’ll give it a shot one day. More resolutions to come next week! Have a good weekend, kiddos! And if you’re in the path of the blizzard, be sure to stay safe and warm!

12 thoughts on “Resolutions 2016: We Need to Talk About Kevin

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Check out my review of We Need to Talk about Kevin (2011) for Cara’s wonderful Resolution Series over at Silver Screen Serenade. Tnx Cara!

  2. The title of this film is a running joke in my office. Every year we go to this big conference in Germany that ends in a massive party where generally everyone gets just a little too drunk. The first time we went my colleague, Steve (who is about 10 years younger than me) kept suddenly appearing and saying “Abbi… we need to talk about Kevin.” And then he’d just wander off. Since then whenever there is something to discuss at work it starts with, “We need to talk about Kevin.” Not very appropriate for such a serious film.

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