Jessica Jones: unapologetically kicking butt

jessica jones

Apologies for the absence most of last week! It was busier than I thought it’d be. Okay, so my intention was to make Jessica Jones into another one of my Premiere Particulars, but then I started writing and I couldn’t NOT talk about the series as a whole. Because I may have polished off the whole season in a week. I mean…maybe. Haha. To be fair, it was only 13 episodes, and Netflix makes it too darn easy to watch the whole thing. I probably could’ve finished it in a couple days, but I contained myself. So since I kept watching without pausing to write my impression of the first episode, let’s just talk about the whole kitten caboodle, shall we? We’ll put this and any other superhero shows I manage to review under the category “Caped Crusaders.”

Now forgive me because it’s been a while since I’ve written about a series as a whole. In fact, the last time I did that was close to two years ago when I wrote about Hannibal. Yikes. How time flies, huh? Anyway, I’m gonna try to shake the rust off because Jessica Jones deserves a good write-up. Let’s address the question many of you may be wondering right off the bat: does it measure up to the other Marvel/Netflix collaboration, Daredevil? In this humble reviewer’s opinion, definitely.

Synopsis: “A former super-hero decides to reboot her life by becoming a private investigator.” –

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 10:  Krysten Ritter filming "Jessica Jones" on March 10, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Steve Sands/GC Images)

The Good: Krysten Ritter as superhero turned private investigator, Jessica Jones. She’s tough as nails, and she says and does what she wants, yet she’s remarkably easy to like. I think that’s because despite her tough guy attitude, she clearly cares—and quite a bit, too. Ritter has these big, expressive eyes that reveal how Jessica really feels even when she doesn’t want anyone to know. She’s a fantastic protagonist and easily one of Marvel’s best female characters to date. As for the rest of the cast, I was very surprised by how much I ended up liking Mike Colter as Jessica’s love interest (and future Netflix star in his own Marvel series), Luke Cage. Luke is different from Jessica in a lot of ways. He’s warmer, more open with his feelings, and harboring a pretty big secret. Ritter and Colter have great chemistry, and I enjoyed seeing their characters team up (or butt heads, depending on the circumstances). Then there’s David Tennant as charming, cunning, and thoroughly creepy villain Kilgrave. After seeing and adoring Tennant on Doctor Who, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about seeing him cast as the villain, but he pulls it off with style. Kilgrave’s power is horrifying, and he’s quite possibly Marvel’s scariest villain yet. He’s an excellent match for Jessica in this series. Kudos to Rachael Taylor as Jessica’s best friend Trish as well. The character is clearly a pillar for Jessica, and the bond they have is unshakable. I’m kind of excited to see what’s in store for Trish in future seasons because I think she’s going to play a pretty important role. Aside from the cast, I will say that I thought the progression of the story was very well-executed, and the dark, gritty tone fits in perfectly with world of Hell’s Kitchen that Daredevil created. Also, much like Daredevil, Jessica Jones has a very cool opening credits sequence.

Favorite Moment: The last big showdown between Kilgrave and Jessica. I refuse to ruin anything, but let’s just say I found it to be perfect. Really, the end of the first season in general is pretty perfect.

jessica jones 2

The Bad: Sometimes, I just didn’t care about the supporting characters. Namely, Malcolm (Eka Darville), Simpson (Wil Traval), and especially crazy Robyn (Colby Minifie). I don’t necessarily dislike Malcolm during the series, but I did get a little impatient sometimes when the show seemed to spend an agonizingly long amount of time on him and not some of the main characters. Simpson…eh. I don’t know. Just didn’t care one way or the other about him, and then I found him to be an unnecessary complication. Robyn was the worst of them. Any time she was on screen, I was on edge. Saying her character is “hard to love” is being extremely kind. Other than that, you may find Jessica a little hard to love at first. She’s pretty rough around the edges. But trust me—stick with her. You’ll warm up to her. Also, if you’re hoping for a big Daredevil tie-in, don’t hold your breath. There is a small tie-in, but it’s nothing earth-shattering. However, it very may well be the window into The Defenders, so we’ll see…

Least Favorite Moment: Seriously, any time the show focuses on Robyn. I mean, kudos to the actress for making her, like, nails-on-a-chalkboard annoying, but man…I just couldn’t with her sometimes.

To Sum It Up: I thoroughly enjoyed Jessica Jones. It’s full of action, drama, and touches of humor with great performances across the board. The supporting characters do weigh it down a little, but certainly not enough to make the series anything less than great. For me, it may just be a little half step below Daredevil if we’re comparing the two, but it’s still a very worthy addition to the Marvel/Netflix lineup. Worth a watch for superhero lovers and for anyone eager to see a female-driven show with a kick-ass lead.

My Grade: A-

17 thoughts on “Jessica Jones: unapologetically kicking butt

  1. Great review! I would have to say I liked Daredevil better of the two shows, but that’s only because Daredevil was really, really, really good, and I thought Jessica Jones was really, really good. 😉 You’re right, it does take a bit to warm up to Jessica, but you really can see how much she cares, even if she doesn’t want to show it. David Tennant was great (and really creepy) as the villain, I have a standee of him as Doctor Who in my house and I have to say that when I walk by it now it scares me just a little. 😉 I’m really loving these Marvel Netflix shows, I hope they continue to be great!

    • It sounds like we are totally on the same page! Haha. I LOVE that you have a giant David Tennant in your house!! Although, yes, I can certainly see how your attitude toward it could be a little different after Jessica Jones…bahaha. Yes, fingers crossed Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders will live up!

  2. Great review lady, glad to see you have enjoyed it. I loved Daredevil, and was looking forward to this, but I must admit, I have yet to finish it. I found watching the few episodes I did a real chore :/ Will see how it pans out, maybe I just need more time with the show.

    • I hadn’t realized you hadn’t finished Daredevil!! Aww you should give it another shot. I think you’d like the last few episodes. And you should totally test out this one, too!

      • I did finish Daredevil hahaha. I loved it. I was saying THIS show is one that I am having difficulty finishing, I don’t like it. I was hoping for like Daredevil with a chick. Totally not what I got! Sorry my previous comment was confusing.

        • Oh whoops! No, I totally misread that one. Haha. Sorry, lady. I should’ve known better–I thought I remembered you loving Daredevil! Yeah, it’s definitely got a little something different from Daredevil going for it. Still, I think once you finished the series, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Give it some time to sit, then come back to it one day. The ending is kind of amazing.

        • I have two episodes left, and it finally picked up about two/three episodes ago. Tennant is great, but that is still about where it ends for me xD Hoping it really ends with a bang and has me desperate for more, but we will see. 🙂

        • I finished it. I don’t know – totally underwhelmed lol! I think I missed the entire point of this show or something. I didn’t like it AT ALL. But I am glad that you did! I actually found that last confrontation to start well and then dwindle and then it was such a cop out. It happens. I am terrified they are going to sully Daredevil with this crap because Claire was there, so seems they are linking up.

        • Aw bummer! I’m sorry to hear that, lady. I actually thought the last confrontation was very satisfying. I just felt like every bad thing that happened on the show led up to that one last act. But if you didn’t like any of the rest of it, you were bound not to like that either. Lol. It actually is the plan to link all the Marvel/Netflix shows (including the upcoming Luke Cage and Iron fists series) into a separate show called The Defenders. I’m kind of excited to see Jessica interact with Daredevil, but we shall see…

  3. Ooooh Cara, my review is going up tonight. Me and you are on the same page – Jessica and Kilgrave are fascinating characters played perfectly by the actors but the supporting cast is pretty dull (apart from Trish). I thought the show was ten times better than Daredevil, and thats down to Jessica being so much cooler 🙂

    • I’ll have to pop on over and see what you had to say! Sounds like we are pretty much on the same page. I still slightly favor Daredevil, but, yeah, Jessica’s pretty damn cool. 🙂

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