And the Star Wars quiz winners are…

Star Wars nerds

Hello, amigos! Remember a couple weeks ago when MovieRob issued this challenge to fellow Star Wars nerds to identify several minor characters? Well, it was a doozie. Like, really, really tough. I could only name two of them. But a few of you were up for the challenge, and one of you went full-on Jedi on us and identified every single one. That individual is…


Many congrats, you clever super nerd!!! Truly, I think you were Yoda in another life. 😉 Your prize is available to you at any time that is convenient. That prize, as stated, is your newly acquired ability to “use the Force,” if you will, and make both Rob and myself watch three movies a piece of your choosing. I’m pretty sure I already know one of your choices for me, though “Ah’ll be back ” online to check that later. Heh. You can comment below or email us–whatever is best for you. 😀

However, Rob also wanted to divvy out a couple of consolation prizes to Drew of Drew’s Movie Reviews and Tim of Filmfunkel for coming very, very close to perfect scores. Guys, you are granted permission to request one movie review a piece from MovieRob. Anything you’d like. Again, you can email him or comment below–whichever you’d prefer.

Thanks to everybody who participated! I look forward to your choices for me, Miss Mutant! Hmm. Or do I…? 😉

After careful consideration, George Lucas decided to cut Darth Vader's trip to the carnival from the movie.

After careful consideration, George Lucas decided to cut Darth Vader’s trip to the carnival from the movie.

29 thoughts on “And the Star Wars quiz winners are…

  1. Woo hoo! I knew my useless Star Wars knowledge would come in handy some day.

    Quick question: who was the rebel pilot in #3? He was the only one I didn’t recognize. And was the Ugnaught someone specific? I didn’t know his name if he was.

    I’ll think of a movie and email you, Rob.

  2. YES! Lol. If you knew HOW I was able to name them all, you’d think I was an even bigger nerd. 😉 Oh yes – you know you’ll be watching The Terminator, Cara! You have no need to worry – I’ll give you three good ones. It’s Rob who needs to worry…. Mwahaha!

  3. Sorry everyone sorry! *rushes in panting* I’m normally so attentive to things I’m curious about.

    Thank you for the consolation prize. I was beginning to think all that time playing with the action figures in the toy aisle would never pay off.

    Yes, that’s honestly how I knew most of those names. I couldn’t take them out of the packages so- you know what never mind. Thanks again for the prize! Yay!

    GZ Drew & a super GZ to Mutant – represent!

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