Cage of Thrones

The night is dark and full of Cages...

The night is dark and full of Cages…

Remember when I was all, “Guys, I’m totally gonna get back to reviewing movies soon!!!” …Yeah. Well, I will eventually. :/ I’ll be honest: I have family in town right now, so I have neither the time nor the desire to spend excessive time at a computer this week. BUT NEXT WEEK I SWEAR!!! …Probably. 😉 Anyway, I saw this and could not stop laughing, so I think at least some of you guys will appreciate it, too. The rest of you might think I’m insane. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Combining the best faces of A+ actor Nicholas Cage and the epic characters of binge-worthy HBO series Game of Thrones, Cage of Thrones is a force to be reckoned with.

Daenicholas Cagaryen

cage 2

Bran Cage

cage 3

Nersei Cagister

cage 4

Nick Snow

cage 5

Weirdly perfect




Ramsay Cage



Nicsa Stark

cage 8

Jaime Cagister

cage 10

Am I crazy or is this a Backstreet Boy?

Nicya Stark

cage 9

A world of yes

And last but absolutely not least…

Stannis Cageratheon



Anyway, I don’t want to steal all of the imgur page’s thunder, so if these gave you a chuckle and you’d like to see the rest of them, find them here. Apologies again for all of these fluff posts I’ve been putting out and my limited presence on here lately. June was bananas. July should be less crazy…I hope. :/ See you tomorrow, amigos!

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