Blogiversary Bash 2015: The Stats and More

I don't know about you guys, but THIS is how we celebrate at Triple S.

I don’t know about you guys, but THIS is how we celebrate at Triple S.

Hello, hello and welcome to the party!!! 😀 I’m celebrating my 2-year blogiversary, and I’m doing it in style over the next few weeks with all kinds of lovely posts from all kinds of lovely blogging friends. My buddy Luke of Oracle of Film started things off right over the weekend with this awesome video all about Game of Thrones, and I’ll be continuing with more guest posts tomorrow. But for now, I thought I’d do a little something similar to what I did last year (see here) and share a few things about the blog.

This is a story the people who have been with me a while have probably heard about a hundred times, but there are enough new folks around that I might as well share it again: Silver Screen Serenade all began because of Man of Steel, which disappointed me enough that I had to get my frustration down on paper–or in a Word document, I guess. It was a slow start, but after a few months, I was connecting with people all over the world. Blogging has been such a wonderful outlet for me. I only wish I had more time (and got paid) to do it!!

Anyway, this probably won’t be as detailed as last year’s post, but let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of Triple S and find out what makes it tick, shall we? 🙂

bb party goldens

Number of…

Posts: 524 (almost 300 more than last year…woah)

Comments: 10,957 (slightly more than double the comments from this time last year)

Views: 61,919 (again, more than double that views of last year)

Followers: 443 (hoping to reach that 500 mark soon!)


My Readers Consist of…*

51% Americans–right on point from last year

16% Brits–a slight dip from last year

4% Canadians–again, same as last year

4% Germans–also same as last year (man, SSS is consistent!)

3% French folks (I’m extending the number of countries I’m listing, so this is the first time on here for the French)

3% Australians (also the first time for the Aussies)

3% Israelis (a.k.a. MovieRob)

2% South Africans (a.k.a. Zoe)

14% Hodgepodge folks (I cannot name EVERY country)

*all these numbers may be off because WordPress switched up the Stats page and now it kinda sucks :/

bb party lamb

The Popular Kids

Most likes: The About section with a mind-boggling 51–closely followed by V’s Pan’s Labyrinth write-up which has 47

Most comments: I have no idea how to tell this for sure anymore because of how much the Stats page has changed…but I think it’s the About section (with 114)?

Most viewed (aside from Homepage/Archives): Resolutions 2014: Pulp Fiction remains king, same as last year, with a grand total of 5,078 views (a little more than 8% of my total views)

Most views in a single day: 438 (April 19, 2014–all thanks to this post from Abbi)

Most popular search phrases: “pulp fiction” followed by “hotel transylvania” (thanks, Zoe!), followed by “2001 a space odyssey” (thanks, Josh!)


Series Success

Blogiversary Bash 2014: 13 guest bloggers partied hard

NOOOOvember 2014: 10 guest bloggers lamented their movie choices

Resolutions 2015: 12 guest bloggers fulfilled important movie resolutions

April Fools 2015: 9 guest bloggers celebrated twist endings

bb party kittens

I wish I had the time to break down all of the other awesome things that have been happening around here thanks to you guys, my loyal readers and blog series participants, but for now, I must wrap things up. I have a bedtime to adhere to. :/ But I do want to say one last thing:


There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how grateful I am that you guys have kept reading, liking, and commenting the way you have over the last two years. I owe you all so, so much–especially in regards to playing some serious catch-up. Moving into my new apartment and general summer craziness has kept me pretty busy lately, but I hope to get into a more regular schedule soon and shower your blogs with love. 🙂

But enough from me. You guys have got some much more stellar stuff to look forward to from the guests I’ve got lined up for this series, so be sure to come back tomorrow and see!

P.S. If you still would like to participate in the Blogiversary Bash, don’t fret! I’m still accepting posts. I just need them as soon as you possibly can swing it. Just let me know if you’re still wanting to send something my way (

29 thoughts on “Blogiversary Bash 2015: The Stats and More

    • Thank you, Khalid! It’s taken some time to get where it is, that’s for sure. And it stills feels like a little baby blog amidst some of the giant I follow! Lol.

  1. Congrats lady! I love it! Let me see if I can finish my piece today (I know I am late), then I will send it along!

    The new stats page SUCKS.

    • OMG right?! The stats page totally blows. I don’t know why they feel the need to change something that was already good! Ugh. Whatever. But yaaayyy Blogiversary! I can’t wait to see what you’re doing! 😀

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