Cara’s Blogathon Teaser (Game Of Thrones S5 Ending – If I Was Writing It)

The Blogiversary Bash begins! I’m starting things off by sharing a delightful video Mr. Luke “Stannis 4eva” Abbott of Oracle of Film. He’s taken a very positive view of Game of Thrones and mashed it all up in a video. Definitely check it out! 🙂

Oracle of Film

Soon, very soon, Cara’s Blogathon will be starting. I have been working hard on my entry for it, which will be a video. However, the problem was that I had two ideas floating around in my head for it and while I have gone with the ‘bigger’ idea, this small but sweet video was a hard creature to refuse. So I decided to spend an afternoon making it and using it as a teaser trailer for what is to come. So, while we are waiting for Cara to kick off proceedings, here is my take on Game of Thrones. But happy! And don’t worry – no spoilers!

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