The Terminator takes the wax museum…for charity

It’s Friday, and it’s been a busy week, so I decided to do one of my go-to lazy posts: a hilarious video. And this…this is something I had a lot of giggles over. Here’s the thing: I’m actually not a Terminator fan because–and don’t judge me now–I’ve never even seen one of the films before. Not a one. I know, I know. I’m the worst, and I totally need to drop everything and watch the first one right now. I promise I’ll get around to that. Eventually.

Anyway, while I was conducting my daily inspection of Facebook, I happened upon this delightful video from Arnold “The Governator” Schwarzenegger himself, and while I haven’t seen any of these movies before, I still found plenty to laugh about. Arnie clearly has a blast pranking his fans in and around Madame Tussauds Wax Attraction. But the best thing about all this is it’s for a good cause. Schwarzenegger is inviting fans to enter to win a ticket to the premiere and the after-party right by his side, with every $10 entry supporting after-school programs through After-School All-Stars. So, you know, if you wanna roll up to the premiere of the new Terminator movie with the original Terminator himself, then go for it!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to include one last, little reminder: the Blogiversary Bash starts on Monday!!!! I’ve already got some awesome write-ups from a few lovely individuals, but it isn’t too late for you to jump in! If you’ve got something you want to send me, please try your very best to get it to before Monday. However, you guys know me–if you need to send me something a bit late, you know I’ll take it. Just give me a heads up that you’re participating so I can leave some space open. To put my feelings into a picture, I am this excited about my blogiversary:

pug blogiversary

26 thoughts on “The Terminator takes the wax museum…for charity

    • …I’m not even sure what to say to that, Boyd. I will say only this: You must be pretty confident in your game if you’re calling me the worst, yet insisting that I’d not only be over that insult later, but I’d be willing to throw away movie money to make out with some Irish weirdo in a movie theater… 😉

  1. Haha, love it…Arnie rules! Wait…you’ve never seen the Terminator films?! You have to see T1 and T2 at the very least (3 and 4 don’t worry too much about) – fingers crossed Genisys works out 🙂

    • Yeahhh I know. Pretty bad, right? I’ll watch them eventually. Everyone seems to be pretty down on Genisys. Here’s hoping it pleasantly surprises!

  2. Brilliant, what a dude! You MUST watch 1 & 2 asap. 3 was so rubbish I didn’t bother with 4 but I might try to squeeze it in before the new one comes out.

  3. First of all, this is hilarious. But, second of all (you know what I’m about to say here)……..

    You’ve never seen a TERMINATOR?! What?!?!!! Lol. Oh Cara…… 😉 (btw – Kyle Reese from the first film is one of my biggest movie crushes ever. I’d kick The Hems outta bed for that one!)

  4. I am going to be late. I am sorry. I am a shit. I will get to it ASAP. I have been stupid busy – family etc 😦

    • Haha isn’t it great?? I totally think more actors should go out and prank people like this to promote their stuff. It would make life more enjoyable. 🙂

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