Cara’s Top 10 Favorite Movie Props

prince movie props

Because even these guys love their nerdy movie props.

Happy Friday, party people! And regular people, too, I suppose. 😉 Confession time: today’s post is not an idea I came up with myself. A lovely gentleman by the name of Ryan Stills contacted me in the hopes that I might think about some of my favorite movie props in order to help out his place of employment, I’ll be honest: I’ve had opportunities like this before, and I’ve let them pass me by. Sometimes I was too busy. Sometimes I just wasn’t interested. Or sometimes the person on the other end of the conversation just mysteriously disappeared. But when Ryan contacted me, I could tell he was a cool cat, and this seemed like a really awesome idea, so I thought, “Let’s do this!”

Before I dive in, I want to take a minute to mention–and, no, Ryan did not ask me to sell this place to you. I’ve just done some exploring, and it seems like a nifty site. It describes itself as having “the world’s premier auctions,” and it features everything from fine art to jewelry to furniture. But what might interest you lot the most is the Memorabilia section, which has all kinds of pop culture goodness–including stuff for movie nerds like you and me. So go check it out if you get a chance! You never know what you might find. 🙂

Anyway, my mission, should I choose to accept–and I have–is to discuss some movie props that I would love to get my geeky little hands on. Honestly, it was kind of hard to narrow it down. In no particular order, here are 10 movie props that I would cherish.

#1: Any wand from the Harry Potter films

hp wands

Okay, so after I visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios, I might have caved and bought a kickass replica of Sirius Black’s wand. But, as I said, this is merely a replica. What I wouldn’t give to have the wand that Gary Oldman actually used on set! Or Daniel Radcliffe. Or Emma Watson. Or Alan Rickman. Or…okay, you probably get the idea. I adore these movies, and I adore these books. Having a real, physical piece of that would be a dream come true. And if I got a real wand, maybe I’d finally get accepted into Hogwarts…?



#2: Cobb’s spinning totem from Inception


I feel like I’ve practically screamed my love for Christopher Nolan films on here, and Inception is one of my absolute favorites from him (see me gush about it here). Cobb’s totem would be a small but mighty reminder of the film, which has one of the coolest premises ever. Also, I could check and make sure I’m not dreaming. Oh no–now I’m questioning everything. I need this NOW!!!



#3: Captain America’s shield from any of his Marvel films

cap shield

Obviously, I have to have a Marvel item. I can’t think of anything more awesome than Cap’s indestructible shield. It’s such an iconic item. Plus, I would be the toast of all nerdom if I showed up to Marvel movie premieres with that bad boy strapped across my back. Added bonus: pretty, pretty Chris Evans touched this. *swoon* Who knew that The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier would make me such a Cap fan?



#4: Inigo’s sword from The Princess Bride

inigo montoya sword

Many of you are already aware of my love for The Princess Bride form this post, but could you imagine how obnoxious I would be if I got my hands of Inigo’s sword from this movie?? I would basically be reciting his “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya” spiel at every possible second. So maybe it’s best that I don’t have it…but, yeah, I really want it anyway.



#5: One of Batman’s Batarangs from The Dark Knight Trilogy

batman batarang

I’m flying my Nolan nerd flag again, aren’t I? Whatever. I’m proud. Because BATMAN, you guys!! The Dark Knight Trilogy will always be among my favorite superhero movies (just see this list), and I think it would be amazing to have a tiny piece of that epicness by acquiring one of Batman’s razor sharp Batarangs. I was given a rubber Batarang a few years ago as a gag gift, and I would by lying if I said I haven’t been practicing throwing it at things…I’m not very good yet, but maybe having something from the Dark Knight set will amp up my Batgirl skills.

I realize this gif has nothing to do with the Batarang, but HOW FREAKING COOL IS BATMAN???

I realize this gif has nothing to do with the Batarang, but HOW FREAKING COOL IS BATMAN???

#6: The book from The Babadook

babadook book

I’ve often praised The Babadook as my favorite horror film of last year (see this post), and it totally deserves that praise because it rocks. That’s why I was sorely tempted to purchase a copy of the terrifying yet awesome pop-up book when there was a campaign going on the film’s official site. The books were limited but pricey, so I ended up opting out. Now I’m kind of kicking myself. If Invaluable ever auctioned off the book(s) used on set or even one of the copies sold online, I might have to go for it–even if it means I’ll be too scared to ever sleep again… :/



#7: The board game from Jumanji

jumanji board game

I totally had a Jumanji game when I was a kid. Why didn’t I keep that thing?! Ah well. It was just a cardboard game from Target or the like–didn’t have the detail or the aged look of the actual movie prop, which is just the coolest. If I had got my hands on this piece of movie history, it would have a place of honor on my coffee table, and I would totally take up board games again. Plus, this was one of my favorite Robin Williams movies, so that would make me happy…and the tiniest bit sad. :/ R.I.P. buddy.

Poor Sarah. She never was a fan of game night.

Poor Sarah. She never was a fan of game night.

#8: The cricket bat from Shaun of the Dead

shaun of the dead cricket bat

I’ve never played and probably never will play cricket in my whole life. But you know what? I’d still jump at the chance to own Shaun’s trusty cricket bat. I mean, not only could I keep this knowing that the delightful Simon Pegg had gripped its handle, too, but–assuming it’s real wood–it could actually be a legitimately useful tool in case of the dreaded zombie apocalypse. I mean, hopefully it wouldn’t come to that and I could just enjoy it for being an excellent prop from an excellent horror-comedy…but, hey, better safe than sorry.

In case of emergency...

In case of emergency…

#9: A leaf brooch from The Lord of the Rings films

leaf brooch lotr

The obvious answer to “What Lord of the Rings movie prop would you like?” is the one ring to rule them all, which I would not at all object to having. In fact, I’d love it. However, I also adore the leaf brooches that each member of the Fellowship wears. Not only are they really gorgeous pieces that have touched the bosoms of famous folks (yes I just used the word “bosoms,” so deal with it), but they would make me feel like an honorary member of the Fellowship. Of course, I’d have nothing to wear with it, so I’d have to invest in a cape…but totally worth it.

Legolas pauses to contemplate the fabulousness of his man-brooch.

Legolas pauses to contemplate the fabulousness of his man-brooch.

#10: A raincoat from Jurassic Park

jurassic park raincoat 2

If you’ve read any of my geeking about Jurassic World or my Jurassic Park text conversations with my sister (see the first one here), you know I’m a pretty big fan of the movies. So why wouldn’t I want an amazing Jurassic Park raincoat?! Especially if it were the raincoat Laura Dern wore. Ellie is the dino queen, and we are not worthy. Depite my unworthiness, I would still gladly accept a JP raincoat, which, in addition to its general awesomeness, has the added bonus of being a functional raincoat. Because when running from raptors (those clevah girls), one must never have rain in one’s eyes.

jurassic park raincoat

Yellow raincoats have never looked so good.

I’m sure there are about a million other movie props I would love to have, but this is a start, at least. 😉 Anyway, here comes the most important part of this post:

What movie prop would YOU like to have???

I know Ryan is probably doing a fair bit of research into what kinds of movie props would sell well on his site, so I would love it if you guys could help a brother out by commenting below with any answers you have to the above question. Who knows–your must-have movie prop might even pop up on the site! Anything is possible, especially after Invaluable auctioned off Han Solo’s blaster (see here). And, again, Ryan didn’t ask me to say any of this. I’m asking partly to help him out, but also because I’m legitimately curious about what you guys would enjoy owning. I can’t wait to find out what you weirdos are itching to have. 😉

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!!!

22 thoughts on “Cara’s Top 10 Favorite Movie Props

  1. Great idea for a post! Love the choices. Don’t you wish Jumanji was a real game? (and Zuthura) Not that all that strange stuff would happen but it just looks like it would be a fun game 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I was thrilled to go for it when Ryan gave me the idea. So many things to consider though! Omigosh I TOTALLY wish Jumanji were a real game! I mean, I feel like I could deal with some monkeys in the kitchen… 😉

    • HA. I see what you did there. Oh we can totally count the DeLorean as a prop. I think they do sell cars on Invaluable, so you never know…

      Omigosh. That’s just depressing. My dreams will never come true. 😦

  2. This post has had a lot of trouble loading for me, Cara Gale. I’ll have to check back later when I have more bandwidth, I believe.


  3. Great picks, Cara! I love what a nerd you are! #nerdsrule 🙂 I’d want anything from Star Wars but if this dude is doing research, can I somehow have Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles??? 🙂

  4. Great post here lady and obviously awesome picks! Ahhhhh, I would love the Captain’s shield, seriously. And ANYTHING from a Nolan movie (you are not flying that flag alone).

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