Gravity: you won’t want to be an astronaut, but you will enjoy this film

I still believe that seeing Gravity in theaters was the closest I’ll ever get to be in an astronaut, and I’m okay with that because it’s awesome. Here’s my review from 2013:

Silver Screen Serenade


Space: the final frontier. And one of the scariest freaking places ever if you’re a free-floating astronaut without a tether and without a shuttle.

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8 thoughts on “Gravity: you won’t want to be an astronaut, but you will enjoy this film

  1. You know I never understood this movie. or more to the point, why it is so popular. To me the visuals looked fake, the earth they were orbiting looked like some sort of meteorite-pounded planet, and Sandra Bullock barely did anything.

    Admittedly I did not see this in a theatre. That perhaps may have helped me enjoy the visuals. Oh well, too late now! On my big screen tho, I dunno, it just didn’t look as real as I was expecting.

    Then again, I am a bit of a grouch when it comes to CGI. Hmmm. I think I should give this flick another chance, especially with my new home theatre set up! 😀 Though I’ll never get to see it in 3D like you did…

    Great post… from 2 years ago! 😛

    • Home theater?! Oh hell yeah give it another shot with that! Lol. I can’t even put the full extent of my jealousy into words! Anyway, I know this wasn’t everyone’s thing, but I loved the clean, simplicity of the story paired with the amazing visuals, which were very impressive in theater and in 3D. So yeah. Give it another go. 😉 Thanks, Jordan!

  2. I loved this movie but it completely cured me of all my Star Trek inspired dreams to go into space.

  3. Haha, love the title of this piece! Gravity’s a great entertainment experience but not a patch on something a bit more cerebral like Interstellar or 2001.

    • Haha thanks, Chris. I like have entertaining subtitles, if I can. 😉 I actually appreciated the simplicity of Gravity significantly more than the severe weirdness of 2001 and slightly more than some of the complicated stuff of Interstellar, too. Although I still loved Interstellar. 2001 was just not my cup of tea. Like, at all. Lol.

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