Pacific Rim: sea monsters vs. robots—too silly to work?

When I first heard about Pacific Rim, I wasn’t sold on the whole “monsters vs. robots” thing, but you know what? It’s pretty fun. Here’s my review from a while back:

Silver Screen Serenade


Better late than never, right? Pacific Rim’s been out a while (since mid-July), but I just now got around to checking it out. I’ve gotta say—I thought the trailer for this looked stupid. Like, painfully stupid. So stupid that I never in a million years thought I would pay a cent to go see it in theaters. And now here I am biting my tongue.

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8 thoughts on “Pacific Rim: sea monsters vs. robots—too silly to work?

  1. I love Guillermo del Torro and I give him a lot of leeway. I get that sometimes you have to deviate from really artistic, thought provoking films and make a movie about giant robots! I thought this was pretty good for what it was. That being said, you are right, the premise is pretty ridiculous at times. Haha! Still pretty fun though

    • I’m totally with you, Mel. It’s one of those “shut off your brain and just enjoy the thing, dammit” movies. Hahaha. Fortunately, I was able to do that for most of this. Glad you had some fun with it, too! 🙂

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