The Conjuring: everything horror should be

I don’t know about you guys, but The Conjuring was probably my favorite horror movie of 2013. Here’s my enthusiastic write-up from when I first saw it.

Silver Screen Serenade


Since this is my first horror film review, I’m going to take a minute to vent by saying that I hate a solid 50 to 75 percent of recent horror films out there. Horror has become synonymous with gore, and I absolutely cannot stand an abundance of grossness. Why would I want to pay for a movie that I can’t even watch because it’s so disgusting? If I’m dishing out money for a pricey movie ticket

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7 thoughts on “The Conjuring: everything horror should be

  1. I must say that I absolutely loved this movie the first time I saw it and it also made it onto my top ten list in 2013, but it has almost no rewatch value. I saw it again recently and I was actually bored 😦 That really broke my heart.

    • Aw that’s a bummer! I’ve watched it a few times since I saw it in theaters. Probably not as effective upon other viewings, no, but I still really like it. I wish more horror movies could have the old-school vibe this one has going for it.

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