Series Spotlight, Pt. 2

blink doctor who

Man, oh, man–how long has it been since I did one of these?! Way too long, actually. You see, I started Series Spotlight with this post way back when with the idea that every now and then I’d discuss some of the best episodes from various TV shows. However, I did one post and then kinda forgot about the whole thing. :/ Let’s see if we can make up for some lost time! Here are a few pivotal episodes from shows I love.

#1: “Pilot” (Lost)

I really need to review Lost on this blog. Flaws and all, it will always be one of my favorite TV shows. And this pilot…man, this was a doozie. Honestly, I think the Lost pilot is my favorite pilot episode of anything I’ve ever seen, just because it immediately immerses you in this crazy plane crash with all of these interesting characters on a mysterious, deadly island…The show instantly has a ton of stuff going on, and it’s completely engaging. Great. Now I want to go binge watch Lost. Think my boss would let me take time off? 😉

#2: “Speak of the Devil” (Daredevil)

daredevil speak of the devil

Daredevil is a new favorite of mine (see my write-up about the first episode here), and there’s a solid chance that this could end up being my favorite new show of 2015. I realize that might be calling it a little early since it’s only May, but Daredevil is that goodSo dark and gritty and exciting…But, anyway, “Speak of the Devil” is one of the best episodes for a few reasons. First and foremost, there’s a wicked awesome ninja fight. Second, the death of a certain character sparks all kinds of feels for the Nelson-Murdock team. Third, Daredevil has his first official encounter with his arch-nemesis, Fisk. And last but not least, an important character inadvertently stumbles upon a big secret. Lots going on in this episode–every bit of it awesome.

#3: “Blink” (Doctor Who)

Ahhh Blink. I love Blink. This has been a favorite episode among Doctor Who nerds like me for some time, and for damn good reason. Despite a minimal presence from the big bad title character himself, this is maybe one of the most Doctor Who-y episodes ever. We follow poor, confused Sally Sparrow as she receives cryptic messages from the mysterious Doctor via a tape recorded in 1969. It’s all very timey wimey, but the important thing is this: Blink introduces us to arguably the most terrifying Doctor Who creatures ever. Yep. I’m talking about the Weeping Angels (which I discuss at greater length here). Bottom line? They are creepy statues that move when you aren’t looking at them–and that usually involves moving toward you. The Weeping Angels make this an exciting, interesting, and thoroughly terrifying episode.

#4: “Penguin’s Umbrella” (Gotham)

I thought it was fitting to discuss a Gotham episode this time around since it just had its first season finale on Monday. Admittedly, the show has had its ups and downs as far as really powerful episodes, but this…this was a good one. After directly disobeying an order from a crime boss to kill Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin, Jim Gordon finds himself in hot water when The Penguin strolls back into town and starts causing a fuss. It’s an episode with a lot of crazy stuff happening, but the very best part is probably when full-fledged psychopath Victor Zsasz comes into the precinct. After a series of good but not great episodes, this one was a game changer.

#5: “Turn, Turn, Turn” (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Ah, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You had a rough start, didn’t you? The fact is, AoS was fun enough fluff for the first half of its season one, but it just didn’t pack quite the punch everyone was expecting. They started to turn things around after their mid-season break, raising the stakes and complicating the story. And then Turn, Turn, Turn happened. S.H.I.E.L.D. has gone nuts, and no one is sure who to trust. Plus, a pivotal member of the team shows his/her true colors (I won’t reveal the gender because spoilers). It’s an exciting episode that has serious consequences not only for the rest of the season, but for the series as a whole. Really, we have Captain America: The Winter Soldier to thank for this episode since it directly ties in with that. So thanks, Cap. We owe you one.

How about it–any of these your favorite episodes? Or did they not have the same impact on you that they had on me? Regardless, I hope your week is going splendidly. And if it’s not, hang in there. Friday is sneaking up on us. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Series Spotlight, Pt. 2

  1. Cara!!!!!!!!! Have you seen any of Bosch yet???? It took over Daredevil’s place for best show of 2015 for me!! I LOVED it!

    True Detective next month!

    • Blink is one of my favorites! I don’t have old-Who to compare it to, but it’s definitely one of my faves of all the new. And I LOVE the Lost pilot! You know, I actually didn’t mind the finale as much as everyone else. Not perfect, no, and pretty out there, I guess, but I thought it was really great how the last moment with Jack mirrored the very first one.

  2. DAREDEVIL!!!!!! I cannot blame you for saying it is a favourite new show of 2015. I binged that show and I absolutely loved every second of it. There is just so much that is right with it!

  3. Blink! YES! Love that Doctor Who episode so much! I wish it hadn’t all gone downhill after that. 😦 And LOST! That pilot was one of the best things ever. I hate how people rip on Lost now just because, well, it jumped the shark at the end. But it’s still one of the best shows ever. Great post! 🙂

    • Aw Doctor Who didn’t go downhill!! I like Matt Smith almost as much as David Tennant!! And I like Peter Capaldi, too–just not as much as either of them. Lol. And heck yes Lost!!! I agree. I hate how people have looked back on it sourly when it was really a great show when it’s all said and done. Haters gonna hate. 😉 Thanks, lady!!

      • I keep forgetting that I didn’t actually watch the ONE very final episode of the last series of Doctor Who! Just not feeling it these days. I liked Tennant. 😦 Dammit – I have Taylor Swift in my head now! Lol

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