April Fools 2015: Cinema Parrot Disco

Today, we are discussing Society, a movie I assume is as sweet and wholesome as Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra singing and dancing. Right, Mutant? Um...right?

Today, we are discussing Society, a movie I assume is as sweet and wholesome as Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, and Frank Sinatra singing and dancing. Right, Mutant? Um…right?

TGIF, my friends!! So I’m closing out the week with another April Fools guest review, and, lemme tell ya, this one’s a doozie. Bahaha. I hadn’t even heard of this until the infinitely awesome Miss Table 9 Mutant of Cinema Parrot Disco sent me her write-up, and then…well, let’s just say this makes some of the stuff Eric watches look downright boring. 😉 But why am I talking about it? Let’s hear it straight from everybody’s favorite Mutant.


I’m not sure if this exactly fits Cara’s criteria for a “twist ending” but it’s certainly an ending that shocked me at the time & has stayed with me all these years later. Also, I love Cara to bits but the thought of sticking a bunch of images from this movie all over the sweet Silver Screen Serenade kind of cracks me up. Sorry, Cara! 😉

Here we go: I’m now going to talk about a film that all movie bloggers over a certain age should know well as I’m sure we all caught it on cable late one night & went “what the fuuuuuck?!?” (I know this was my experience with it). This is back in the days before the Internet was around to spoil a movie’s surprise ending for us before we had a chance to see it. You still had the occasional blabbermouth who might ruin a movie for you but it took a lot longer for word-of-mouth to travel back in the late 80s/early 90s and, although I think I saw this film a while after it was released, I’d managed to avoid hearing ANYTHING whatsoever about it. So imagine my surprise when I started watching a movie I’d not heard of on cable late one night that had that cute Billy Warlock in it. Yes – I’m talking, of course, about the 1989 film Society. For those who have somehow avoided seeing this one, there’ll first be some MINOR SPOILERS and then I’ll give another warning before giving MASSIVE SPOILERS regarding the “ending that fooled me”.



So, Billy Warlock plays a boy who is popular but just doesn’t seem to fit in with his rich family & their high society friends. Well, that seems pretty normal… who really gets along with their family? And rich people are wankers.


The movie is pretty boring at first & goes along really slowly with some dodgy acting. It felt kind of like an episode of Beverly Hills 90210 or Baywatch (which, hey – Billy Warlock was also in!). So I was getting ready to turn the channel & see what else was on when a couple of weird little things happened from out of nowhere.

Things like this:


And this:


Yeah – I think it was the “boobs on the back” thing that made me stick around. So some more stuff happens, blah blah blah… I still can’t really remember much of this movie until its ending – I don’t think anyone can. Then, after an hour of boredom, we get to the last half hour of this thing and WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!?! Shunting, that’s what! SHUNTING! What the fuck is shunting? I’ll tell you what shunting is! Now is your chance to turn back if you’re at all intrigued and want to see this movie spoiler-free. MASSIVE SPOILERS and NSFW images to follow………………
Billy Warlock comes home to find his family and their high society friends all engaged in shunting: a big orgy-looking thing where they’re all melting into each other & feeding off poor people. Like this:


And Billy Warlock’s mother & pretty sister have turned into this (the sister is the crotch):


And his father has truly become a butthead:


But it gets even BETTER. There is a way to defeat these high society bastards & escape so that you don’t end up being their next meal. I’ll keep that a surprise in case you still wish to watch the movie at this point but here’s a little preview. I think it’s one of the greatest moments in cinematic history:


I have to say I really kind of love Society – it must be my favorite film that I don’t actually own. I should change that… I was a big fan of Cronenberg’s The Fly for a good few years before seeing Society (like, was kind of obsessed with it & watched it over and over again when my mom wasn’t around to yell at me for watching nasty stuff) and I think, between these two films, I was kind of turned on to the body horror genre. Don’t get me wrong – Society is NOT as good as a Cronenberg film (and it’s not meant to be) but I can guarantee that anyone who saw it at the time hasn’t forgotten the final half hour. It may be super tame by today’s standards but that’s fine by me – nothing beats the cheesy special effects of a good 80’s body horror film. It’s a genre I still wish to explore more than I have – does anyone have any good recommendations?

Thank you, Cara, for letting me be a part of this great series. 🙂 Happy shunting, everyone!


And you’re in luck – you can watch the full movie here:

50 thoughts on “April Fools 2015: Cinema Parrot Disco

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  2. Great, almost forgotten flick. As a satire on the excesses of the 1% (before we even called it the 1%) it’s not really subtle at all, but it has some great icky makeup effects. Have yourself a cheesy ’80s sci-fi/horror night and watch it in a double bill with ‘They Live’.

    • Thanks, Niall! Glad to see I’m not the only one to have watched this. I know the ending of this thing so well! I should watch the first half again someday. They Live is one of my favorite films! And my favorite from Carpenter. Good choice! 🙂

    • Lol. The hand-head is hilarious too! Think it gets overshadowed by the “butthead” thing… Weird shit wrapped in hokey 80’s packaging sounds good to me! 😉 I always appreciate a movie like this more than a really bland film I forget about a month after seeing it.

  3. Goodness gracious, what the hell did you watch?! I have never seen this, and it looks insanely bizarre… wow. Great gif selection though, really nasty!

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