April Fools 2015: Tranquil Dreams

inception april fools

Happy Hump Day, amigos! Know what makes getting over this unsatisfying mid-week blah-ness? Talking about twist endings via April Fools. Well…I mean, I don’t know–MAYBE it helps. We’re gonna say it does. At the very least, I can attest to the fact that reading anything from today’s guest will make your day a little better. Have you met Kim from Tranquil Dreams? If you’ve been hanging around this blog awhile, I’m sure you have because Kim has been awesome about contributing to my various series. Kim has an absolutely lovely blog that covers a whole range of topics, but the two of us clearly share a love for movies and TV. Go check out her stuff! But first see what she has to say about her favorite twist endings. 🙂

Thinking of movie fools (like for last year) is thousands of miles easier than thinking of actual movies that fooled me with their endings.  When it comes to TV, well, there’s probably even slimmer chances and that world is just too huge.  So, I sat in front of my movie shelf and looked through the titles, hoping to having titles pop up with that scene that just amazed me with their twists. It really tests how memorable a movie is also.

To make this a little easier for me (or not), I decided to do a quick pick of 3 movies that fooled me. They are in no particular order, by the way. There is one selection for one that I loved and one that I hated and the other which makes us contemplate a little more.


The Others

the others ending

The Others may possibly be the first movie to really surprise me with a massive twist.  I didn’t expect that ending to happen.  It’s a The Sixth Sense going on here but still, it just came out of nowhere and built up to reverse the situation around.

 The Mist

the mist ending

I’ve mentioned over at my own site that despite reading a lot, I’ve never read anything by Stephen King.  I knew nothing about The Mist.  I just knew that I liked Thomas Jane and this looked like a creature movies and I like those.  As much as a ton of people believe its a genius ending, I hated it.  That twist was genius but it sucked.  Excuse me, I’m not all for happy endings, in fact I watch tons of stuff without happy endings but that was just a HUGE slap in the face. I just ended up getting really angry at the fact that I watched this. Some twist, eh?


inception ending

Inception was a pretty great movie.  Great concept and story, good cast.  All around it was really enjoyable. But that ending, it pans into that Totem or whatever you call it.  I can’t recall details anymore but I remember the movie ended and my friend and I looked at each other and was like, “WTF?” Then we spent the time taking the bus home talking about what it meant.  And then that was just in my mind for the next few days.

Twists are tricky things, eh? They surprise you in good and bad ways and some just make you think about the movie just a little bit more and those are their lasting effects. They can even make or ruin a movie.

10 thoughts on “April Fools 2015: Tranquil Dreams

  1. Reblogged this on Tranquil Dreams and commented:
    Check out my guest post for the April Fools segment over at Cara’s Silver Screen Serenade. Last year Cara focused her April Fools and asked us to talk about our favorite movie/TV fools. This time around its about twist endings that we never saw coming. For this event, I chose 3: One that I loved, one that I hated and one that makes contemplate a little more.

    There’s been some fantastic posts for this April Fools blogging event. Make sure to check it out! 🙂

    Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Nice one Kim! I’ll never forget watching Inception in the cinema and everyone erupting with frustration and disbelief when that spinning top started falling over. It was unlike any other ending I’d experienced at the cinema. Typical Nolan!

  3. Great choices, Kim! I love The Mist so much. Um, yeah… massive downer, though. 😉 I think it’s a shame The Others came out AFTER The Sixth Sense so people didn’t fully appreciate it (I believe it was written before The Sixth Sense?). It’s a great film!

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