Jon Snow is the most awkward dinner guest ever

Oh come on. You know your week wouldn’t be complete without a silly video from yours truly. This one is for my fellow Game of Thrones fans–of which I know there are many. You see, Kit Harington swung by Late Night with Seth Meyers, and the show had a hilarious sketch in store. What if Harington’s GoT character, Jon Snow, were invited to a dinner party in New York? Answer: it would be very, very awkward. But also hilarious. If you’re a fan of the show, you must watch this. WARNING: If you haven’t seen all four seasons, there will be spoilers.

52 thoughts on “Jon Snow is the most awkward dinner guest ever

  1. Oh Cara, that was brilliant. It was the perfect thing for my GoT S5 excitement. Honestly though, he can come to my place for dinner any time, I don’t care what he talks about. Even his bellybutton. I’ve made my peace with it, finally.

      • You’re so right. I mean, I won’t be exposed to it again, will I? It’s far too cold at The Wall for parading around in leather gladiatorial gear, isn’t it? Unless of course we meet IRL and he falls head over bellybutton in love with me, then I may have to revisit this prejudice.

        • HAHAHAHA. “Head over bellybutton in love” is the best phrase I have heard all day. The odds are very slim, I’d say, that his bellybutton would make an appearance very often on GoT…but, girl, if you two become an item, I’m not sure what to suggest for this bellybutton disgust. “Take it off, baby…Oh, but could you maybe keep your hand right there over your bellybutton? Hmm. Well, that’s not working. Or, like, maybe tie this sash over it…? No. No, that’s weird. Now you look like Aladdin. On second thought, could you just…um…put the shirt back on? …Please?”

        • LMAO! “Now you look like Aladdin”. 😀 😀

          I’d be kicked out of our GoT Hot Bod Appreciation Association (GOTHBAA) though if I wrangled Jon Snow and then asked him to put his shirt back on.

          You know what would work? A tie. Just wear a tie Jon Snow, nothing else. It could double as a leash.

      • Hello! Sorry for my absentness (is that a word?) lately – had a massive internet problem! Damn internet people.

        But yes, GoT! Can’t wait. I’ll need to check out Daredevil too. So much to watch!

        • Absolutely no worries, my friend. My attention to other blogs has been sketchy at best lately. :/ Hoping to change that soon. I’m sorry for your internet problem though! That’s always frustrating. Glad you’re back. 🙂 Heck yes GoT and Daredevil! I tuned in to GoT and thought it was great! Hoping to squeeze in that first Daredevil episode tonight! 😀

  2. This was absolutely brilliant! “I know it was a bad idea, I knew it as soon as it left my mouth!” 😛

    Oh, this was a fantastic start to my day!

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