Things I’m Geeking About Right Now, Pt. 6

This guy gets it.

This guy gets it.

It’s been long enough since I last geeked out, hasn’t it? Eh. Who cares if it hasn’t? Some very important things in the world of geek have happened since we last met up in the Batcave. Erm. Fortress of Solitude? S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ? Millennium Falcon?? HOGWARTS??? I don’t know where we meet for these things. Let’s just go the Sherlock route and say “Mind Palace.” Anyway, you ready to get your geek on? I know I am! Hold on to your butts and fly casual–it’s about to get real.

Exhibit A: This Spectre teaser

James Bond has a deep, dark secret!! The mysterious Mr. White has returned!! And Christoph Waltz is all kinds of sinister!! Basically, I could not be more excited for Bond’s next big adventure. The teaser makes it look pretty flippin’ sweet. Here’s hoping it lives up! Especially since Daniel Craig had to have minor surgery following an injury on set. Gees, Bond, take it easy, buddy!

Exhibit B: Idris Elba is going to be the next Star Trek villain!! …Maybe.

idris elba

Okay, so he’s still just “in talks” and not officially on board, but how AWESOME would it be if Idris Elba were the next Star Trek villain?? There have even been whispers that he’s going to play a Klingon, and I think that would just be epic–particularly after that brief, intense glimpse of the Klingons we got in Star Trek Into Darkness. But we shall see…

Exhibit C: This Mission: Impossible trailer

Would the Mission: Impossible films be considered guilty pleasures? Because if so, well…*meekly raises hand*…Guilty. Haha. Though the second one isn’t my cup of tea, I kind of love these movies. Are they ridiculous? Yes. Is Tom Cruise ridiculous? Yes. Are they basically the same movie over and over again? Yeahhhh. But are they also complete and utter popcorn fun? Gawd yes. So bring it on, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation! Let’s see how long Tom Cruise can hang on to the side of that plane…

Exhibit D: Hawkgirl is going to be in the Flash/Arrow spinoff…AND SHE TOTALLY RETWEETED ME.


So after confirming the presence of a handful of characters from The Flash and Arrow, including Ray Palmer (“The Atom”), Dr. Martin Stein (one half of “Firestorm”), Leonard Snart (“Captain Cold”), Mick Rory (“Heat Wave”), and, somehow, Sara Lance (“Canary”), the CW has also confirmed that their upcoming DC Comics spinoff will have none other than Kendra Saunders a.k.a. Hawkgirl! What I’ve seen of Hawkgirl seems pretty badass, and, of course, I’m always psyched to see another lady superhero, so I took to Twitter to express my happiness, and Ciara Renee, the actress who will be playing the character, retweeted me (see proof above)!! I already like this girl. Oh, AND Doctor Who‘s own Arthur Darvill will apparently be playing time traveler Rip Hunter. Further deets here if you’re curious. Personally, I think it all sounds awesome.

Exhibit E: Deadpool is GAME ON

If anybody can pull off an April Fools prank, it’s freaking Deadpool. Filming has officially begun for the Deadpool movie, and Ryan Reynolds delighted fans last week with this little “interview” with Mario Lopez. If you’re curious, you should really watch it. I’ll only give you this hint: it includes Deadpool being very Deadpooly. ‘S’all I’m sayin’. Oh, and please enjoy the below pic, courtesy of Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account:

deadpool costume

Exhibit F: This Ash vs Evil Dead teaser

Admittedly, I am slightly apprehensive about this upcoming Starz show…but I still really, really want it to work. I’m not the biggest fan of Army of Darkness (I like it okay), but I like The Evil Dead quite a bit, and Evil Dead II is my jam. So we’ll see how they handle all this craziness in TV form. I was curious about how exactly Ash (Bruce Campbell) was going to be used on the show, but this IGN interview breaks down the general idea pretty well. Whaddaya say–ready for more Deadites and chainsaw arms, amigos? 😉

And finally, I’m not counting this as an official “Exhibit,” per se, since it’s not officially affiliated with the Star Wars franchise, but this short film was too cute not to share. From writer/director Evan Atherton, I present “Artoo In Love.”

So there you go–a little more geeking for you. Hope it was just the right dosage of nerd news for your Tuesday.

P.S. AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: Should you still wish to send me something for my April Fools series, you absolutely may, but pretty, pretty please let me know one way or the other if you were one of those who said here or here that you wanted to partake. Just comment below or drop me a line at Kthanksiloveyoubyebye. 🙂

beatles bye

27 thoughts on “Things I’m Geeking About Right Now, Pt. 6

  1. Sadly Miss Shuster I may have to back out of the april fools thing as I have one too many things going on away from the computer at the moment. And then there are a few things that are also being neglected elsewhere as well so. . . le sigh. . . . I will have to bail. (Please don’t cyber-punch me. Actually, I’d prefer that over being punched in real life, so by all means . . . . cyber-punch me.)

    On another note, yes to Spectre — holy hell that’s going to be greatness. Deadpool is actually starting to intrigue me as well, even though I have not cared one iota about that character. Looks like it could be downright fun.

    • UNACCEPTABLE. Cyber punches aren’t good enough. I’m standing behind you. Turn around so I can punch you properly…

      …Did you actually turn around to see if I was there? GAWD I wish I were creepy enough to actually be there. Oh wait–maybe I can send Miguel for me… 😉

      Seriously though, absolutely no worries, Tom. Blog stuff is great, but stuff outside the computer world is obviously more important–hence why I’ve been such a dreadful blog reader lately. :/

      HELL YES SPECTRE. I think it’s gonna rock. And I have high hopes for Deadpool. He cracks me up, and I really, really want the movie to live up…We shall see.

      • I kid you not, I literally turned around. Thank god no one was there. I did get an odd look from what appeared to be a foreign-exchange student nearby though. Haha!!!

  2. Do the Mission Impossible movies have to be guilty pleasures? I think those action sequences are so well staged that I can feel safe in admitting the movies are good.

  3. Ashwpfewkn I had no idea Hawkgirl was going to be in Flash/Arrow! I’m so freaking excited! And I really can’t wait for Deadpool either, that interview really had me fooled when I first watched it 🙂
    – Allie

    • Heck yes she is!!! I cannot WAIT to see what her costume looks like. I expect full badassery. Haha isn’t that interview great?! I wasn’t sure where they were going with it, but then I saw Deadpool lurking behind Mario Lopez, and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed. 😀

    • Haha how did I know you’d appreciate that Big Bird?? 😉 Yeah I love the Artoo video! So sweet! And I was super psyched about the celeb attention! I’m totally rooting for this girl now! 😀

  4. SPECTRE! I cannot tell you how many times I watched that teaser trailer, and I get goosebumps every time!

    I JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR DEADPOOL ANYMORE! It has been years. Give it to us already! As for Elba? That could be so awesome.

    Artoo in love is just so adorable!

    • The Spectre teaser is epic!!! SO pumped for that. 😀 And uggghhhh Deadpool!!! I have such high hopes. I really hope it’s as fantastic as it should be. Wouldn’t Elba be perfect?? And yes that Artoo video is the CUTEST. 🙂

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