April Fools 2015: Flick Chicks

sixth sense april fools

You know what really makes this a Good Friday? I mean, aside from the obvious points of “it’s almost Easter” and “Cara gets a day off.” If you said, “Good Friday means we get our first guest post for April Fools,” then you are very accurate! Like, scary accurate, actually. In fact, have you been bugging my room again? Eric, you’ve really got to stop that. Anyway, we’re not here to talk about that–we’re here to listen to the wonderful Miss Allie from Flick Chicks! Have you guys been by Allie and Jenna’s site yet? They have a ton of great reviews, they’re working their way through the IMDb Top 250, they’ve got some fun top 5/10/20 lists–lots to admire over there. Go have a look! Right after you read Allie’s April Fools post, of course. 😉


When I saw Cara’s April Fool’s post all about twist endings, I just knew I had to take part. I have such a thirst for plot twist movies! Of course, when you go on a hunt for movies with a plot twist, you kind of ruin it a little for yourself already, but never mind…


Today I wanted to share my very first plot twist experience with you all. I was about 11 years old, I’d been allowed to have some girlfriends over for a movie night sleepover, and I was dead excited. To this day, I don’t remember why The Sixth Sense was our movie of choice, I don’t think I picked it, so it must have been my Mum… In fact, thinking about it, it must have been my Mum because she went through a huge Bruce Willis craze!

Everyone knows the plot of The Sixth Sense, right? A young boy called Cole (Haley Joel Osment) can see dead people, and his poor mother doesn’t know what to do with him. Dr Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), a child psychologist seems to be his only hope.


I haven’t actually sat and watched this film since that sleepover nearly 15 years ago. I do remember being absolutely terrified though, and I’ve never coped well with thrillers since then!

Spoiler alert…

The plot twist, that fooled nearly everyone who ever watched this, comes right at the very end of the movie when we (and he himself in fact) realise that Dr Malcolm Crowe was dead all along…MAN, what an awesome plot twist! Am I the only person who now assumes this sort of plot twist to most other movies?

Now, are you ready for the plot twist of this little post? Are you sure?

I knew. I knew he was dead. From the very start of the movie. No, I’m not some super intelligent, highly analytical genius I’m afraid. In fact, most completely obvious clues to plot twists completely fly over my head. No, I know Crowe was dead because the second I pressed play on the VHS remote, one of my friends exclaimed ‘Oh, I know this one, it turns out that guy is dead all along!’


Sigh…if time machines existed, I would go back to that night, slap that friend with the VHS case, and watch this again for the first time, spoiler free.

18 thoughts on “April Fools 2015: Flick Chicks

  1. Hahah, fantastic post. This has actually inspired me to maybe make a Top Ten of Films I don’t think I Care that I Still Haven’t Seen. . . . hmm. . . .idea generation cloud hovering. . . .brewing. . . imminently.

  2. Great little write up here Allie!

    UGH that is NOT A FRIEND AT ALL!!!!!! I hope you come right with a time machine… that needs to be rectified!

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