The Begorrathon 2015: In Bruges

Film Title: In Bruges

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody! When I was planning out my posting schedule for the week, it seemed pretty darn appropriate to have this review go up today. Because it’s arguably the most important day of The Begorrathon! Have you guys heard this? Co-hosted by The Fluff Is Raging and 746 Books, this blogathon is dedicated to all things Ireland. Continue reading

Film Club: The Rose

I joined Kieron’s Film Club over at What About the Twinkie and we all had our say about The Rose. Go check it out!

what about the twinkie


Film Club returns for March with a film that many of you may not have heard of. The Rose, from 1979, stars Bette Midler as the title character in a film that is the definition of sex, drugs and rock & roll. The IMDb has this synopsis for us: “The tragic life of a self-destructive female rock star who struggles to deal with the constant pressures of her career and the demands of her ruthless business manager.”

The Rose was chosen by the lovely Reut of The Sweet Archive. Below are her reasons for choosing the film, followed by each members thoughts on the film.

The reason I chose The Rose for this month’s Film Club is very simple. The Rose is a classic film. I’m into classic films. I’m also into music, so… you do the math. I’ve heard plenty of good things about The Rose and know that…

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A bit of a belated post today, but something I definitely wanted to share! The IPC’s epic Shitfest has just drawn to a close, which, yes, is very sad…HOWEVER, this now means that a champion must be crowned!!! Check out this post to have the voting process explained to you and to review your favorites. Go vote! Power to the people! May the sh*ttiest woman/man win!!! …Wait, that didn’t sound very nice… :/


The lazy video post strikes again! I can’t help it, you guys. These posts are just so delightfully easy! However, to be fair, this was one I had been intending to share for some time. Because I am a child of the ’90s, and, as such, I will always have a special place in my heart for the Power Rangers. Continue reading

Duets: Stretch and The DUFF


Happy Monday, friends! Well, as happy as a Monday can be, anyway. :/ I hope you all are starting off the week right, getting stuff done and whatnot. As for me, I’ve got a little Duet to share with you today. For whatever reason, these past few days have been all about the comedies for me—one (somewhat) recently released to DVD and one currently in theaters. Continue reading

Question of the Month: Who Would Make A Great Bond Villain?

Ahhhh I have no idea how I missed this, but Luke over at Oracle of Film shared another epic Question of the Month! The topic this time: Who would make a great Bond villain? Lots of awesome answers! Go check it out!

Oracle of Film

I have been absent as of late. I decided to give you lot a Christmas break from Question of the Month, but when it came to sending out the January email, I couldn’t seem to bring myself around to sitting down a thinking up a decent question. I will get around to it, I promised myself, subconsciously aware that much like my New Year’s Resolution of not staring at my hair in the mirror for two hours a day, it was never going to happen. In fact, the only reason I bucked my game up for February was because a certain Zoe Zermatten threatening to give me a good old South African clap across the face. It got me thinking about how terrifyingly menacing she was… and then, a lightbulb clicked. Zoe would make an amazing Bond villain, so why not ask the WordPress crew who else would make a…

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An April Fools Proposal

april fools mr t

What’s up, amigos? So around this time last year (well, a few weeks earlier if I’m being honest), I put out a little post inviting guests to participate in a future blog series. This series ran the month of April, dealing with lovable idiots of film and television. Fittingly, I called it “April Fools.” It was a lot of fun and, I believe, my most successful guest series to date! Continue reading

Meathead March – Stand By Me (1986) – Silver Screen Serenade

It’s reblog time! MovieRob is running a blogathon dedicated to the films of Mr. Rob Reiner and I couldn’t resist partaking! In order to please a certain someone (I’m lookin’ at you, Mutant!), I decided to watch and review Stand by Me. Go and have a read!


meathead march blogathonFor the next review today of Stand By Me (1986) for the Meathead March blogathon, here’s a review by Cara of Silver Screen Serenade.

Thanks Cara!

stand by me poster


“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?” – The Writer


Number of Times Seen – 1 (21 Feb 2015)

Brief Synopsis – “After the death of a friend, a writer recounts a boyhood journey to find the body of a missing boy.” (from IMDb)

My Take On It – Per usual, I’d just like to take a minute to thank Rob for another great idea here. I hadn’t realized Rob Reiner had so many awesome films in his wheelhouse! I’m really looking forward to all these reviews! But I knew right away what I was going to tackle—mostly because Table 9 Mutant was never going to leave me alone…

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