Jurassic Park…from the dinos’ perspective

Meet Thelma and Louise, a couple of raptors who just wanted to be free.

Meet Thelma and Louise, a couple of raptors who just wanted to be free.

YOU GUYS. My awesome Schuster Sister Shenanigans partner, Laura Jo, shared something positively delightful with me the other day, and I couldn’t resist posting it on here. You see, she somehow dug up a delightful piece from the brilliant folks at Buzzfeed detailing the Jurassic Park story from the dinosaurs’ point of view. Just for a taste, I’m going to share a bit of it on here. Like when the man the raptors nickname “Hunty Man” shows up…

“Listen up, ladies. There are two things I fear: dinosaurs and women, and you’re both.”

“Any hysterics and I’ll redecorate the cages red. Welcome to Jurassic Park. I know, I know, it’s just a name.”

…Or when they size up their human foes…

The raptors studied their jailers. Learned their strengths and weaknesses.

There was the warden, dumb as chalk and twice as white.

They named this guy Stern Face. He always looked like you’d just pissed on his Christmas tree.

On Christmas morning. While his kids were opening their presents.

And finally, the warden’s snot-faced grandchildren, who were almost entirely gristle, barely a meal between them.

They were affectionately referred to around the park as Boy Snack and Girl Snack.

…Or when Karen the T-Rex is introduced…

Karen, the invariably cheery yet socially awkward T. Rex, was the plan’s wild card.

“You guys wanna play? Come on, let’s play!”

Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much because you really should check out the whole thing, which you can read by clicking RIGHT HERE. Seriously, if you’re a fan of Jurassic Park, read it. You will find so very much hilarious material.

Anyway, other than that I just wanted to share a lovely little trailer with you–but, no, not a movie trailer. As some of you know, I do love video games, and among my game obsessions are basically all of the Lego games. They are adorable and hilarious. Turns out Lego is releasing a game for all of the Jurassic Park movie, including Jurassic World! The trailer has me all kinds of excited. Check it out!

27 thoughts on “Jurassic Park…from the dinos’ perspective

    • Did you actually read that Buzzfeed thing?? Because it really is epic. I’m sure Lego JP will be kid-friendly! Did you play the Lego LOTR one? Boromir was shot with carrots. Like, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Haha.

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