If Wes Anderson directed X-Men

Hey, guys! So it surely wouldn’t be a normal week here at SSS if I didn’t include at least ONE lazy video post…right? 😉 This was one I knew I couldn’t resist sharing. Ever wonder what it would be like if the delightfully quirky director of The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson, used his talents to direct a superhero movie? Of course you didn’t. Because who wonders stuff like that? Well, I’ll tell you who–freelance videographer Patrick Willems. His faux trailer is pretty much a spot-on Anderson imitation. Watch and see if you agree!

19 thoughts on “If Wes Anderson directed X-Men

  1. Hopefully it would be better than all of those terrible X-men movies. Or should I just call them Wolverine flicks…

        • Hey now! Aside from The Last Stand and Origins (and The Wolverine, from what I hear–still haven’t seen it), they’re all pretty good!!

        • I’m not crazy. I just know my X-men and those movies suck because they’re not real X-men movies. They’re just Wolverine flicks with some notable X-men cameos. Name someone other Wolverine that got any notable attention in any of the X-men films? They focused on Xavier a little in Days of Future Past, but when it’s all said and done Wolverine saved the day and was the main focus of the film.

          So I may not agree with the average moviegoer on the X-men films, but I could critique the crap out of them if I wanted to because they have a lot of flaws :].

        • Well, maybe it makes a difference for me that I haven’t read the comics or anything because I really didn’t have a problem with the focus on Wolverine. I feel like they give a fair amount of time to the characters pivotal to each film, and I actually feel like Xavier, Mystique, and Magento all get a nice balance of screen time in comparison to Wolverine in DoFP. Plus, First Class only has a tiny cameo from Wolverine! We’ll just have to agree to disagree, my friend because I LOVE me some X-Men movies. 😉

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