An April Fools Proposal

april fools mr t

What’s up, amigos? So around this time last year (well, a few weeks earlier if I’m being honest), I put out a little post inviting guests to participate in a future blog series. This series ran the month of April, dealing with lovable idiots of film and television. Fittingly, I called it “April Fools.” It was a lot of fun and, I believe, my most successful guest series to date! So, naturally, I wanted to have another crack at April Fools, but I had to think about things for awhile. See, we covered lovable idiots pretty thoroughly last year, so I wanted to tweak the theme a bit. The question was: How? Good news–I think I’ve finally come up with something!

Last year, I used the term “April Fools” with more of an emphasis on the “Fools” part. This year, I think I’d like to return to the more traditional meaning of April Fools. Here’s the idea: Let’s talk about films/TV shows that completely fooled us. I’m talking about those twist endings that left us gaping at the screen–those moments that we never, ever saw coming. We’ve all experienced them, and, for better or worse, they’ve shocked us into thinking about what we saw for a good long while. You can talk about one twist in detail (if you liked/hated it, if there’s anything you’d change about it, etc.) or you can write up a list of some of your favorite (or least favorite) twists. Whatever strikes your fancy!

What do you guys say? Does this sound like fun? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! If you’re game, feel free to comment below and/or send me an email at Since I was a little slow out of the gate this time and I’ll probably kick things off myself anyway, I’m going to give you until April 5 to send something my way. Oh, and in addition to your write-up, pics/gifs/videos are always welcome. 🙂 I hope you can come play! If you do, I promise I won’t saran-wrap your car… 😉

26 thoughts on “An April Fools Proposal

  1. Lady, you KNOW I am in for this! This is a great idea… I will have to think of something and shoot it over to you as soon as possible!

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