A Pug Puppy and Kids Reenact the 2015 Oscar Nominees

pug oscars

Greetings, friends! So last night was a big night for movie lovers all over. How’d YOU like the Oscars? Were you happy with the winners? And the musical performances? And Neil Patrick Harris as host? As I type this, don’t even know how I feel about this year’s Oscars because I haven’t watched them yet! (I like to get my posts ready as far in advance as possible.) But hopefully it was a good one.

Anyway, partly because this is relevant to last night and partly because I do so love lazy video posts, I thought it would be appropriate to share a pair of videos celebrating this year’s Oscar-nominated films in the best possible way. So first up from The Pet Collective we have an adorable pug puppy reenacting all the Best Picture noms. (V, consider this your welcome back gift.)

And much like they did last year (see here), CineFix is back with their annual Kid Oscars, where adorable children reenact the Oscar nominees. Pay attention–these are future stars.

I hope these brightened your Monday a little! Personally, I think both of these should’ve won Oscars. 😉 Back to reviewing new stuff tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled~

29 thoughts on “A Pug Puppy and Kids Reenact the 2015 Oscar Nominees

  1. Huh? Where’s Bennybatch?!
    1st observation of Oscars: what does Cara think of suave Mr. Cumbers in his WHITE TUX.
    Thot at least YOU would have th Cumberflask gif which is whirling roun th web like wildfire!
    Took me ages to load it on my post, & it still wldn’t fit properly
    Got piccies tho – lotsa lotsa Bennybatch piccies over here:
    if these piccies won’t entice u over, nothin will! lol
    Keep up th good work, lov!

    • Cumberflask gif did not make an appearance because I prepped this post before the Oscars. Otherwise, I’m sure it would’ve had a place of honor. He did look very dashing in white, didn’t he? Thanks, Malcolm! Glimpsed at the article–looks interesting! I’ll have to come back and give it a proper read when I get off work. Cheers! 🙂

  2. Oh Cara. That was sublime. That’s a ridiculously cute puppy that I will now have to hatch a plan to steal. I loved them all but I think my favourite was “Puphood”, because OMG LOOK AT THAT TINY ADORABLE 6 DAY OLD PUG PUPPY! *heart explodes*

    The kids were okay too.

    • I wish all films could be re-enacted by pugs. I want to see Captain America: The Winter Pug. Harry Pugger. Dawn of the Planet of the Pugs. The Pugfather. Pug Fiction. The possibilities are endless!

    • LOL. I figured you would favor one of those videos over the other… 😉 But, yes, Puphood is glorious. Like, I don’t have an overwhelming desire to see Boyhood, but PUPhood??? I would be ALL OVER THAT.

      • Could you imagine? I’m pretty sure my heart would break when pug puppy went off to college though. But I suppose they could just make sequels with his pug babies when he eventually married his college sweetheart and settled down to raise multiple puggy litters. It would never end! ❤

  3. Hehe. So cute! I love your “lazy” video posts. 🙂 My favorite, though, is that Big Bird/Birdman parody. OMG – I’m so in love with that! Think it may be the best thing I’ve seen in the history of forever. 🙂 The Oscars! Hmm. I’m not thrilled with a lot of the winners but don’t think it was a “bad” show. Nothing is worse than the Franco/Hathaway year. I just wish Billy Crystal could be the only host ever! Ellen was good too…

    • Just watched Big Birdman…perfect. I still think I’m gonna go with the pug puppy, but that’s just because puppies are kind of my obsession. Lol. Yeah there were things I liked and didn’t like at the Oscars this year. I was a little disappointed by NPH as host. They should TOTALLY bring Ellen or Billy Crystal back! They’re pros!

      • Hehe. I’m just such a HUGE Sesame Street fan. Seriously – Sesame Street is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. And Snoopy. I’m so mature. 😉 Yeah… Not the worst Oscars but still a bit “meh”. I’d say they need to shake things up but then people didn’t like Seth MacFarlane so who knows! Guess you can’t please everyone all the time. I’d love to see Ellen again – think everyone thought she did a great job. 🙂

  4. Those are really fun. I was really bummed out. Pretty much only thing that made me happy was Simmons, Arquette and Big Hero 6

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