The Lego Movie: everything IS awesome

Another one of my very favorite of the Oscar noms today! Though it should be nominated for at least one more… (*cough cough* Best Animated Film *cough cough*) Anyway, nominated for Best Achievment in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song (“Everything Is Awesome”), here’s a little reblog about The Lego Movie!

Silver Screen Serenade


I came to the realization the other day that thus far, I’m not doing so great on catching my 20 Films of 2014. Open Grave and I, Frankenstein have both premiered, and I hardly paid any attention (though in my defense I don’t think the former ever came to a local theater, and I have heard 99% dreadful things about the latter).

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12 thoughts on “The Lego Movie: everything IS awesome

  1. An absolute travesty that all these teeny-tiny little Lego people didn’t get nominated. Not sure if they would’ve still beaten out Big Hero 6 but to not even get mentioned? Silliness.

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