Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Marvel’s Phase Two is going strong

It’s a double reblog day! Earlier I shared some Valentine’s Day love, but now it’s time to return the attention to those Oscar reblogs. Nominated for Best Achievement in Visual Effects, here’s my write-up about Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (This is also appropriate for Valentine’s Day as Chris Evans is my future boyfriend. He just doesn’t know it yet.)

Silver Screen Serenade


I realize at this point they’ve become as overdone as zombies and vampires, but I freaking love superhero movies. When one is on its way to theaters, I inevitably round up a group of nerdy friends and make a midnight trek to see it—because God forbid we wait until the day it comes out. We simply must see it before the rest of the world. Plus, midnight superhero movie premieres make for excellent people-watching. At this premiere, I got to see an overweight couple dressed as Captain America and Black Widow. And in case you were wondering, yes—people did take pictures with them. God bless nerds. God bless (Captain) America.

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18 thoughts on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Marvel’s Phase Two is going strong

      • actually i sort of thought the opposite; the HYDRA stuff in the first one didn’t interest me, but I did enjoy the whole WW2 setting (I haven’t had a chance to watch Agent Carter, which everyone says is great). I liked the second one well enough – I especialy liked the fact that Scarlett Johannson was given a lot of screentime (more than in The Avengers … how come Black Widow doesn’t have her own movie??) and I loved Sam Jackson in it, but it did seem like they were trying to squeeze in a lot of people, either future superheroes/supervillains. But great set pieces, great action; it didn’t seem quite so cartoonish in terms of the CGI … I’m just impressed that between both movies Captain America can save the world twice in 80 years and he’s still a virgin 😉

        • Yeah Cap definitely tends to focus on the task at hand and…not much else. Hahaha. As for the squeezing in a lot thing–I actually didn’t feel that at all! I mean, we get Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but those are really the only major players we didn’t know before, right? I don’t know. Totally worked for me! 🙂

        • Yeah, but he was so minor in this that I hardly even paid attention to him. In fact, I think that bit where they save at the end and he’s all burned was probably missed by a fair share of people…

        • fair enough. either way, they were both decent films (and I say that as a non comic-book fan who had zero knowledge of the Captain America character before he saw the movies). Looking forward to the next one.

        • Yeah, I haven’t read any of the comic books either, but I have learned enough about Civil War to know that I am beyond excited for Cap 3. I think it’s going to be epic. 😀

        • as you know i am not a comic book fan, but i think part of the reason i appreciate the avangers, silly as it was, is the fact that iron man is middle aged. i don’t know if i will like the new fantastic 4 film, for instance, because all the cast look quite young and it’s obviously aimed at teenagers.

        • Hmm. You think it’s supposed to be aimed at teens? I wasn’t really getting that vibe. I was just thinking they wanted a completely fresh start so they tried to be as different from the previous films as possible. Definitely a different tone, if the trailer speaks for the whole film.

        • i mean that because the cast are younger, or at least younger-looking, than in the previous version. i agree the tone is more sombre, with an interstellar vibe going on

  1. While I enjoyed ‘The Winter Soldier,’ I thought it lacked an identifiable villain and suffered slightly for that reason. I still prefer the original, but thanks for the re-post 🙂

    • Oh man. I’ll take The Winter Soldier over The First Avenger any day! I see where you’re coming from though–the villain definitely could’ve been a bit stronger. I just really liked some of the moments between him and Cap. Overall, though, Red Skull wins my favor in a villain-off. 😉

    • It’s soooo good! And it’s amazing how I keep thinking, “One day, I’m gonna get tired of this superhero nonsense,” yet I still haven’t. I guess it’s a testament to how awesome these characters (and their writers) really are…

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