Resolutions 2015: Kill Bill: Volume 1

kill bill 2.5

Like I said, we’re getting serious about Resolutions this week. Here we are with the third one in a row! Tomorrow I’ll be taking a tiny break from it, but we’ll be finishing off the guest posts on Friday and having the grand finale on Monday. But it ain’t over yet! Today’s excellent guest is Mr. Thomas of Video As Life. Definitely go follow him if you aren’t already doing so. Thomas has oodles of great film reviews, plus he’s undertaken the massive task of completing multiple AFI lists and the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list. More power to you, Thomas! Oh, and for those of you on the Twittersphere, be sure to follow his brand spankin’ new Twitter handle @FilmSpectrum. So how was that resolution film, Thomas?

kill bill

It’s the start of a new year, filled with opportunities to watch films that are new to you. It’s gotten to the point where are surprised when they can claim they’ve seen a movie that I haven’t that’s older than ten years or so. One of those films was Kill Bill: Volume 1. Figured now was a good time to finally watch it, start the new year with a bang.

A blood-spattered bride-to-be seeks revenge against her former coworkers.

I bought the DVD cheap back in December and promised myself that it would be the first film I would see in 2015. Before that, I had only seen Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, each only once. While I can appreciate how important each of those films are in their place in film history, I could not say I was a fan of Tarantino; not everyone is. However, there was something about this film that made an impact in what will watch.

I had seen clips of this prior to watching this in class on how everything is a remix. The portion used talked about how certain shots referenced different films. Naturally, it meant that I would have a lot more films to research to see how they inspired him to do what he did. I actually like films that give you so much content that requires research; it keeps my interest.

As to the film itself, I actually enjoyed it. I let the film play as it was with no need to look too deeply into the material (mostly because of the late and sober night prior). I’m not the kind of person who goes for the ultra-bloody violence, even though I’ve seen my share of some gruesome stuff. Still, it was a fun movie to watch.

kill bill 3

The fight scene with the Crazy 88 was intense. When it switched from color to black and white, I wondered what the intent was until it became clear to me. It “softened” the scene so that the bright red blood wouldn’t sicken viewers until after the fight. I have to say, that is a nice aesthetic choice.

The film reminded me that I need to watch more Eastern cinema. The next day, I went to a thrift store and found Chinese films from the Shaw Bros. (the company with the Warner Bros.-esque logo at the front of this film) for a dollar a piece. I picked up three of them, one of which was a 1970’s live-action musical of Mulan (yeah, Disney didn’t do it first). It ended up that I made a sub-resolution of watching more Eastern cinema; there’s no set number of films but rather gain more exposure.

I’m split on whether to finish the series. On the one hand, I want to see how it ends but have heard it’s not as great. At the same time, I wonder why the List only had part one and not both, like they are wont to do.

All in all, it was a fun way to start 2015. *wiggles big toe*

Thanks, Thomas! I’m thrilled to hear this was a good way to ring in the new year! So many positive film resolutions on here! Makes me happy. 🙂 I’ll be bringing back a somewhat neglected feature tomorrow, so stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Resolutions 2015: Kill Bill: Volume 1

  1. Vol. 2 gets some flak and I don’t know why. It’s a lot different tonally than the first, there’s not as much action, and it’s shot as more of a Western than the Asian cinema style of Vol. 1. But I personally think it’s just as good, and both of them together really make a masterpiece.

  2. I really liked Kill Bill 1 & 2 but need to watch them both again together and decide if I like one more than the other. I think I remember preferring 2? Not Sure. Anyway…a Chinese exchange student recommended Kung Fu Hustle (2004) which I thought is pretty good.

  3. Kill Bill Vol I knocked my socks off. The use of colour was particularly striking. Uma Thurman’s bloody revenge journey was simple, but the manner in which is was shot, with the music and deep sense of Tarantino’s b-movie education made it buzz. Above all, Quentin knows how to have fun with his movies.

  4. Nice review – glad you finally checked this out. 🙂 it’s my favorite Tarantino film. I can’t imagine not watching Vol II to see what happens! I do like this one quite a bit more but both are good – I see them as one movie, really.

  5. Kill Bill Vol.1 is an awesome film with an even more awesome soundtrack. I love the fighting scene with Oren Ishii, as she is my favorite character in the film… The way she became who she is… Great choice for 2015!! 🙂

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