Resolutions 2015: Requiem for a Dream

requiem 1.5

Happy Friday, friends!!! Gees, has this been a long week for anybody else? It’s just like one of those that wouldn’t end! I have a feeling all of January is going to be like that. :/ But, happily, there are still things to look forward to–like so many more Resolutions! That’s right, I’ve got another guest here today to check off another one from his rapidly shrinking list. Continue reading

Premiere Particulars: Galavant


A pretty man singing silly songs in a medieval comedy? I mean, how could I possibly miss that?! That’s right—ABC’s Galavant had its premiere a short while back, and I was kind of eager to see if it’d strike the right chords with this TV fan (har har musical puns). Have you been looking to fill a TV gap on Sunday night? Continue reading

Into the Woods: a magical, musical, praiseworthy adaptation

into the woods

Fair warning: this review is likely to be a little biased. Why? Because this is quite possibly my favorite musical of all time. Some of you may already know this, but I was a bit of a theatre geek growing up. A good chunk of my middle and high school years involved spending time in the auditorium after school, running lines and singing songs and trying to make theatrical magic. Continue reading

Resolutions 2015: Cinema Paradiso

Toto's first sight of bewbs was one he'd never forget.

Toto’s first sight of bewbs was one he’d never forget.

Let’s start off the week with another lovely guest review for Resolutions, shall we? Today’s write-up is coming your way from reigning Shitfest champ the awesome Miss Abbi of Where the Wild Things Are! I’m sure you guys have been by Abbi’s site before, which is an awesome mix of movie reviews, recipes, fashion pics, the best top 10 lists you’ll find on the interwebz, and so much more Continue reading