Premiere Particulars: Galavant


A pretty man singing silly songs in a medieval comedy? I mean, how could I possibly miss that?! That’s right—ABC’s Galavant had its premiere a short while back, and I was kind of eager to see if it’d strike the right chords with this TV fan (har har musical puns). Have you been looking to fill a TV gap on Sunday night? Well, let’s talk about the particulars of this premiere and see if you think Galavant might fit the bill.

galavant 2

What I liked:

  • The delightfully silly songs. Alan Menken (the genius behind so many of Disney’s best songs and scores) and Christopher Lennertz clearly have a blast with this music—especially the lyrics, which, I kid you not, included the terms “butt clencher” and “muffin top.” It’s so ridiculous that it’s hard not to laugh. It’s very Spamalot/Monty Python-esque.
  • The cast. Newcomer Joshua Sasse is handsome, charming, and hilarious as the title hero. Luke Youngblood (Harry Potter’s Lee Jordan, you guys!) is sassy and sweet as his enthusiastic squire, Sid. Karen David shines as strong-willed Isabella, the force driving Galavant back out into the world. Mallory Jansen makes shallow, greedy Madalena surprisingly funny. Vinnie Jones is pretty much perfection as the king’s tough right-hand man, Gareth. And speaking of the king…
  • Timothy Omundson is wonderful. I knew the Psych veteran would have fun with this show, but he absolutely eats up his role as King Richard. You can tell he is the comedy pro of the bunch. His song in the pilot episode might be my favorite one, both because it’s sung well and it’s really funny.
  • Basically, all of the “Joust Friends” episode. It has everything from a “no pants nightmare” to an ‘80s montage training sequence to the most pathetic (and hilarious) jousting match you have ever seen. Also, John Stamos!
  • Getting a two-episode premiere—especially for a half-hour show. It’s nice to get a true feel for what you’re getting yourself into before you make a commitment to it. I enjoyed the first episode, but the second episode was definitely the one that made me want to come back for more.

galavant 3

What I didn’t like:

  • Bless their hearts, but not many of the cast members can sing super well. Even leading man Sasse is clearly not an accomplished singer. The only one who actually impressed me was Omundson. Still, for this kind of thing perfect singing isn’t really required. It’s more about the humor than anything else, which this show totally understands.
  • The humor is pretty predictable. Don’t get me wrong—I still laughed. Just don’t expect something completely original.
  • John Stamos’ potential is kind of wasted in this. As jousting rival Jean Hamm (har har see what they did there?), he has this weird, vaguely French accent (I’m not sure it’s French because it’s not done very well), and he really doesn’t get much screen time. I would say that I hope he becomes a recurring character instead of being a blip on the show’s radar, but I’m not sure if I want to be subjected to that accent again, so… :/
  • It’s hard to get attached when all signs point to a short run. As fun as this show is, it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that will get renewed. Plus, even if it were renewed it would be hard to keep it fresh. I feel like this is a struggle for all musical TV shows. I mean, just look at Glee. How many viewers does that show have left? Like, seven?

The Potential: I had a lot of fun with this premiere, and I think the potential is definitely there. It’s completely silly, but the cast and the creators embrace that, and their enthusiasm clearly shines through. I’m hesitant to get too attached, but I certainly won’t mind an hour of this for the next couple of Sundays. If you laugh at campy musicals and had fun with the show Merlin, I highly recommend Galavant, and if you’re a Monty Python and/or Spamalot fan, this is probably a must-watch.

My Grade: B+

18 thoughts on “Premiere Particulars: Galavant

  1. Hey lady, I can tell you now this is something I won’t be checking out. It will get on my last nerve.

    Now, I have never watched Glee, but I hear it is awful, though it started just fine. It scares me, seems that Murphy and Falchuk can start things but not close things :/ Pity, too (and yes, I am looking VERY SPECIFICALLY here at what the hell has happened to American Horror Story).

      • I love AHS… season one and two. Season three started with a bang and then petered out, though it had some really cool characters. But Freak Show? Was a miss from episode one 😦 My other half and I hated it. Surprised out TV survived…

        • Oh man! I do think Freak Show wasted a lot of potential–especially toward the end–but I’d actually place it above Asylum. I don’t know. The end of that one just left a bad taste in my mouth. I would put Coven and Murder House neck and neck for number one for me–maybe with Murder House slightly in front. I think of all the seasons, Murder House has the best ending by far.

        • Ugh, what a waste. And Coven was going so well until nobody could die and there was nothing to talk about except Supreme, Supreme, Supreme, but it had some fine moments between that all. It just didn’t have the same oomph the first two did. I don’t know, I was a fan of Asylum… all of it hahaha. Except maybe Kit with two wives, and they were both down with that. I don’t know, not a fan of sharing 😉

        • But the ALIENS. That’s what I thought was the worst about Asylum. If they hadn’t had the aliens, I would’ve been able to roll with it more. For me, that just tipped the scale into too much going on. I think that might be why I prefer Coven over it–it’s a lot more simple with its supernatural stuff. In that, we have witches and that’s pretty much it. Asylum has crazy people and a Nazi doctor and a possessed nun and crazy things in the woods and aliens…It’s just too much for me. Lol. I liked the characters from the season–especially Lana and Kitt–but I found the plot often meh.

        • Teehee, I know the aliens wrecked it for a lot of people, but I was alright with it. I liked that it had a lot going on, but it never got too much for me. I think after the first two exceptionally busy seasons, Coven was like a screeching halt. Oh well. Also, Freak Show? I found the tying in to Asylum so forced and silly and there were far too many holes. Like suddenly our Nazi scientist was also into strange, weird movies? Pepper going from Elsa, to the asylum, with magazines featuring Elsa, and Sister Jude not running the place? Who is ALSO played by Lange? Eish…

        • See, I didn’t find the first season particularly busy–maybe just because most of it was contained to the ghost stuff. I guess I like when the show has more of a focus on one supernatural thing instead of spreading itself thin with all manner of craziness. And yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about the tie-in stuff either…It didn’t bother me as much as I feared it would, but I can definitely see how it irks you. I don’t want them to force that stuff too much, but I worry that because people seem to be eating it up, Murphy’s going to put in more of it… :/

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