12 Films of Christmas 2013: The Polar Express

I debated whether or not I should even do this reblog since I’m a bit of a Grinch in it…but I feel inclined to warn anyone who might sit down for a casual watch and end up disappointed much like I was last year. So for what it’s worth, here’s last year’s review of The Polar Express.

Silver Screen Serenade


Six days until Christmas? Twelve days of 2013 left? When did all this happen?! Still seems like this year has only just begun…Anyway, I’m kind of stalling. Why, you may ask? After watching and reviewing seven Films of Christmas—all of which I enjoyed to varying degrees—I decided to watch a film that I hadn’t ever seen before.

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Birdman: or the (expected) brilliance of magical realism and metacinema


Is using terms like “metacinema” and “magical realism” a little pretentious? If so, I apologize. I just get excited when I can use all those fancy lit terms I learned in school! Because Birdman is definitely a film worthy of fancy lit terms. This is one that I honestly didn’t expect to see for awhile. Continue reading

12 Films of Christmas 2013: Elf

Switching things up today by sharing another Christmas post from last year–another pretty awesome holiday choice, in my humble opinion, and quite possibly Will Ferrell’s best role. I’m talking, of course, about Elf.

Silver Screen Serenade


Time for another Christmas film! I hope that your day has been as holly and jolly as a Tuesday can possibly be, but if you’re feeling a little like a Grinch, here’s something that might give you some cheer: Christmas Eve is ONE WEEK from today! …Actually, I hope that didn’t just stress you out. Let me rephrase: You still have A WHOLE WEEK to finish up shopping!

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12 Films of Christmas 2013: Home Alone

This will always be one of my favorite Christmas films. I mean really, it’s hard to beat ’90s classics like Home Alone. Feel free to check out my review of it from last year. Fair warning, it might be my most subjective ever, but c’mon…it’s Home Alone.

Silver Screen Serenade


Time to cut out the reindeer games—I need to get going on these Christmas films! So far, I’ve discussed five joyful and triumphant holiday films (check them out in the 12 Films of Christmas Archives if you missed them), and here we are at the halfway point! I gotta say, of the films I’ve covered for this series so far, this is the one I’m least likely to handle with objectivity.

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12 Films of Christmas 2013: The Santa Clause

Enjoying your weekend so far? I hope so! If you’re looking for a good holiday film to watch, you can never go wrong with ’90s magic like The Santa Clause. Here’s my review from last year for your consideration.

Silver Screen Serenade


Four merry holidays films have made it into my 12 Films of Christmas series, and it’s high time for a fifth.  This particular film is one I’m quite familiar with, as it was pretty much a staple of my childhood. Plus, they show it on TV about 17,864 times throughout this month. It might not be perfect, but I think this film has become a sort of modern classic.

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12 Films of Christmas 2013: Rise of the Guardians

Reblogging another film of Christmas past for your viewing pleasure! Here’s a surprisingly good kids’ movie to consider this holiday season: Rise of the Guardians.

Silver Screen Serenade

rise of the guardians

Three Films of Christmas have made my season bright so far, and now it’s time for a fourth! As for this one, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a sucker for great children’s films. There’s something about really spectacular animation paired with an uplifting storyline that just gets me.

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Things I’m Geeking About Right Now, Pt. 3


I know I just did one of these a little less than two weeks ago (see that geektastic post here), but GAWD there’s been so much more nerdy news since then! I’ve been dying to talk about so many things with my fellow movie/TV buffs, and I couldn’t wait any longer to do it. So put on your Batman cowl, your Spock ears, your one ring to rule them all, or whatever else you need to get in the spirit…because it’s time to geek. Continue reading

Song and Screen: Guardians of the Galaxy Edition

singing quill

Well hello there! I’m back today with another edition of Song and Screen, but since today marks the DVD release of Guardians of the Galaxy (at least for the U.S.), I thought it would be nice to do a special S&S dedicated entirely to the music of this wonderful, ridiculously fun film. Because after I saw this, I went out and bought the CD specifically so I could jam to it in my car, and I don’t do that very much. Buy CDs, that is. I jam in my car way too much. Continue reading