A Resolutions Reminder

resolution terminator 1.5

Good day, friends! How’s everyone doing? Have a merry Christmas and all that jazz? Still have presents lying around? Still recovering from all of that glorious holiday food? Whatever your post-Christmas state, I hope you’re up for a challenge. That’s right–I’m challenging you. What’s the challenge, pray tell? Well, right here and right now, I challenge you to watch one of those movies you’ve been meaning to watch forever and a day for my upcoming Resolutions series!

I posted about this a little while back, but with all of the holiday craziness, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to toss a little reminder up. This is a series I did way back at the beginning of the year that was a lot of fun, and I’d love to have a bunch of people take part again. You can read the details of the series in this post, but it basically boils down to this: 1) Watch a movie that has been on your radar for awhile. 2) Write a review/reaction to it. 3) Send it to me at caragale123@gmail.com. That’s it! It’s a super easy way to make a resolution and knock it right out.

Several of you have already expressed interest in this, and that makes me supremely happy! However, if this is the first you’re seeing of this and you want in, just comment below or shoot me an email at the address above. I’ve set a deadline of Jan. 4 for this, but you guys know me–I’m a softie. If you can’t get it in by then, let me know and we’ll make it work. I’d at least like to get all the write-ups in by January, but this series is pretty flexible. Last year it spilled into February, and it very well could this year, too. We’ll just go with the flow. 🙂 Have an excellent Monday, amigos!

32 thoughts on “A Resolutions Reminder

  1. Oh, I want to do a review but I unfortunately I don’t have time. Maybe Sunday evening I can watch something and review it on Monday? Perhaps? Pretty please?

  2. ARGH! I know that I gotta watch one for you for January, I didn’t realise that the deadline has come and gone. Give me this week lady, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, pretty pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase???? I will cook up something 🙂

    I had a lot of fun with this last year, so I would love to join again 😀

  3. i’ve been cray busy so i missed this. i’m in … i think. i actually just watched a film tonight that i had never seen; i wouldn’t say it was one i’d been meaning to see all my life, but if i have the chance i’ll throw a few words together about it. i know i’m late late late; let me know if i’m too late: it’s okay, it was only “The Beach”, not a Tarkovsky film or anything 🙂

    it wasn’t really very good

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