Are You Ready for Some Resolutions?

resolutions 2015

Hello and Happy Monday to you! I know we just finished NOOOOvember, so it might be a little obnoxious of me to turn right around and ask for more, but…well, I’m gonna do it anyway. Lol. Here’s the deal, folks: we’re well on our way to the beginning of a brand spankin’ new year, and, as such, I’m itching to revive a series I did at the beginning of the year–one of my biggest hits yet. The series I’m referring to is a little something called Resolutions.

A lot of you got on board for this series this year, and I’d love to match and/or surpass the number of participants next year. Basically, Resolutions is all about watching films you’ve been meaning to watch for a loooong time, yet somehow those films have always gotten pushed down on your list. I checked filled in some big gaps with this series, and I’m excited to do the same all over again.

Sound like fun? I hope so! Right now, I’m looking to have these reviews all turned in by Jan. 4, if at all possible. As usual I’m sure I will accept them past that date, but please do me a great kindness and give me a heads up if you know you’re going to be kinda late. I want to include everyone I possibly can, but I’m kind of a planner…scratch that, I’m TOTALLY a planner, and I like to have things all figured out beforehand rather than slapping things together last minute. So if you could just let me know, that’d be the awesomest (just for clarification, I know that is incorrect grammar).

Anyway, if you want in, feel free to shoot me an email at or just comment below. Can’t WAIT to see what everyone decides to do! 😀

P.S. So NOOOOvember is officially donezo, but my new friend John Hitchcock over at Hitchcock’s World saw the call-out for the series yesterday and decided to pull together a review of one of his great film disappointments, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Just check out his review by clicking here. Thanks, John!!

32 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Some Resolutions?

  1. Cool, I can’t say for sure what ill be doing around that time (I might be tied up with family in New Jersey for Xmas/New Years) but I’m fairly certain I’ll be able to do something for this. I can’t remember if I participated in it this year or not but I have a hunch I…….didn’t….

    I’ll keep you posted miss shuster!!

    • Sounds like a plan, Mr. Little! I’d be thrilled to have you, but no pressure if you think you’re gonna be too busy. Also, as I said, I’m pretty positive I’ll end up taking late entries, so just let me know! 🙂

  2. is your friend who did that review on get bhim to the greek writing one? they were funny! i was hoping he/she would be co writing more stuff on here

    • Hey!! Nowhere in this does it say I’m going to BULLY you to write!!

      …Coincidentally, though, I will take your lunch money if you don’t. And Miguel might give you a wedgie.

  3. I am so far behind on reading everyone’s blog but I am definitely in for this and I have almost two weeks off over Christmas so I will actually have time to do it!

    • Abbi, I totally know where you’re coming from. I am so far behind on blogs–especially yours! I’m going to be taking kind of a break during the week of Christmas, so hopefully I’ll be by to give your blog some love. But I’m thrilled you’re game for Resolutions! 🙂

  4. Always so late to your series! This is an awesome idea! I have a whole bunch on my movie shelf and Netflix that I’ve been pushing back. This would be a good chance to give at least one of them a go 🙂
    I would like to participate, I’ll schedule it in..instead of what happened for your Nooovember series, which I feel so awful about. *blush* Things are slowing down on my end so I should get you something soon-ish.

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  6. I always seem to miss the cool blogathons! I only found out about this Resolutions series after reading Kim’s review just now. Maybe next year if you do one I’d be happy to participate. Great idea and what a variety of movie selections!

    • Aw thanks, Ryan! So sorry word of this is just now reaching you! It will definitely be happening again next year, though, and I would be absolutely thrilled to have you. 🙂

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