10 thoughts on “Bite Sized Reviews: The Double; 9

  1. Thanks so very much again Cara! Your review looks great on the site and lovin’ seeing the BSR logo over here too 🙂

    I think that’s a great point you make about the way ‘9’ is rated and how awkward the PG-13 label is attached to something animated. It does very much leave the movie open to a very select niched audience. I have not really thought about that too much, I guess b/c most of the animated films I have seen have been, yeah, PG or under. I think the most recent Studio Ghibli film I saw — The Wind Rises — might have been the last (and only) animated thing I’ve seen rated like that. (I don’t really count the South Park movie or anything like that in there haha) .

    • Bahaha yeah I think it’s pretty much a given that South Park is going to have an adult audience pretty easily, and I think the Studio Ghibli/animated stuff has a pretty solid audience, too, but it gets iffy once you step outside stuff like that. Titan A.E. comes to mind. I think it actually has a PG rating, but I remember seeing it way back when and thinking it was mostly for adults. Those types of films are the awkward teenagers of the movie world. Hahaha.

      • Oooh! Titan A.E. wow I completely forgot about that one! (Still ain’t seen it though. 😦 ).

        I like the description, the awkward teens of the movie world. Perfecto. They really are. And then there are those that really push the boundaries of their ratings. . .i.e. Antz — which if I remember rightly has a pretty violent sequence of events in it for its modest PG category. Those films are equally awkward!!!

        • Oh wow! You’d forgotten about Titan A.E., I’d forgotten about Antz! Gees I think I even saw that one and was like, “Whaaaaat is this???” There’s another example of animation that weirds me out… *shiver*

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