Christmastime Is Near…

I really, really wish this picture was legit.

I really, really wish this picture was legit.

…and I need your help! Remember how you guys helped me out by voting on what I should watch for Spook Series? Well, wanna help a sista out again for my Christmas movie marathon? I did a little something last year called the 12 Films of Christmas, and, if possible, I’d like to watch 12 more holiday films this year. But I have some choices to make. So I’m gonna toss up a little poll here to see if you can help me pick out what to watch. Put yourself on my nice list by picking up to 5 films from the list below. The top 12 most popular films shall be watched and reviewed.  So let’s get to it!

If you just voted, you are a Christmas angel, and I love you. If you didn’t vote, why ya gotta be like that, Scrooge?!?! …Just kidding…kinda. Really though, I appreciate the assistance, guys! I wish you the best pre-Thanksgiving Tuesday ever! I realize that’s probably not a thing, but I wish it for you nonetheless.

22 thoughts on “Christmastime Is Near…

    • Of COURSE!!! Isn’t it un-American if you haven’t??? Also, it’s set in Indiana, so it’d be a double whammy if I hadn’t seen it. Actually, I think that’s grounds for prison time here…

  1. My favourite movie to watch at Christmas time is still ‘Love, Actually’. Makes me happy, makes me cry, and I just LOVE the cast.

  2. Haha, good to see an inclusion of Bad Santa there. That movie is so good. So, so good. Heart-breaking sure, but great. Man I forgot how much I like Billy Bob Thornton

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