Question of the Month: Best Character of 2014

Here’s a little Question of the Month treat to end your weekend on an awesome note. Luke of the ever-amazing Oracle of Film asked some of us about our favorite characters of 2014–a big question with lots of fantastic answers. Check it out!

Oracle of Film

Who is the best character of 2014? It is a question that has been bandied around for decades (well, since 2014… halfway through 201… at the start of the month), and finally, maybe, we might just have some answers for you. Like all of the major challenges in my life, I ran running and screaming for the WordPress family to do my homework for me and got them to write you some answers. Hell, one of them might even be coherent. So, without further ado, let’s investigate the answers.

Wait, I forgot some ado. There will be no Question of the Month next month, because it is Christmas and I assume you have more important things to do than have me pester you with annoying questions. So, I guess I will email you all in 2015 for the next jam-packed Question of the Month (Best character of 2015?). Oh, and…

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2 thoughts on “Question of the Month: Best Character of 2014

  1. My favorite character of 2014 is Rocket Raccoon from “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Such a fun movie, and such a great character, though I loved all the characters from the film. 🙂 Great question!

    • Yeah Luke came up with a particularly awesome one this time, huh?? I loved all of the answers, but, like you, I had to go with someone from GotG–in fact, I had to go with several someones. Hahaha. 😉

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