Jurassic World Teaser!!!!

GUYS. I couldn’t resist sharing this today. I recently discovered the very exciting news that Jurassic World will be releasing a trailer during whatever football game is airing on Thanksgiving (I don’t keep up with sports). In the meantime, we have been given an epic little teaser trailer. GET EXCITED, PEOPLE. DINOSAWRS!!!!!!!

Also, if you’d like a little breakdown of what we know, see this delightful article from Entertainment Weekly here.

22 thoughts on “Jurassic World Teaser!!!!

  1. I think it’s just adorable now that Hollywood will tease teasers now. This thing didn’t do much for me at all Miss Cara!!!!

    Although color me excited to see the film. I think I am going to try and avoid as much info/news about this one so it can be a relatively untainted experience. (What a challenge that’s gonna be, eh?) 😉

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