NOOOOvember 2014: Cara’s Top 10 Disappointments of 2014

wolverine no 2

Happy Friday, amigos, and welcome to another NOOOOvember rant! Today, I will be taking over the venting, but kudos to Oracle of Film and The White’s List for kicking off NOOOOvember in style this week! If you missed their contributions, definitely go check them out by clicking here and here. For one of my write-ups, I thought it’d be fun to do another top ten list. So here we go! Fresh from their 2014 releases, here are my top ten disappointments of the year.


#10: The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Just to be clear, for this series disappointments don’t have to be limited to films we hate—in fact, of all the films on this list, there’s only one that I truly, deeply hate. After all, we can be disappointed by films and still like them. Such is the case with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It has some good things going for it—the cast, for starters, as well as some nifty effects and a nice mix of drama and comedy. But, ultimately, the level of cheesiness in this film drags me down. And I don’t love Electro. Or Rhino. Or, yes, even Green Goblin (although I love Dane DeHaan as plain ol’ Harry). The film as a whole feels rushed with too damn much going on. I like The Amazing Spider-Man, but I had hoped for a step up with this. If anything, this is only a tiny bit better. Still good—just not as good as it should’ve been.


#9: Godzilla


I’ll say it again: disappointments don’t necessarily equal bad movies. I actually had a fair amount of fun with Godzilla, and I think it’s a nice, fresh start for this franchise. But it certainly doesn’t have the wow factor we were all hoping for. The massive title monster looks awesome, but when we see so little of him it kinda defeats the purpose of that title, y’know? Add to that the fact that Bryan Cranston’s and Ken Watanabe’s characters are completely wasted, and the main character (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is pretty bland, and, well…bit of a disappointment, yeah. Maybe one day the Godzilla franchise will find that perfect balance between likable humans and badass monster. Maybe…


#8: Honeymoon


Once again, this is one that, for the most part, I like—mainly because of the fantastically creepy ending (which you can see me talk about here). But I, perhaps, unfairly placed some pretty big expectations on Honeymoon. It’s been a lackluster year for horror (aside from The Babadook, I hear, which I am absolutely aching to see), so I’d really hoped for better from this. But in the end, it wasn’t quite enough. The dialogue tends to be stiff, the couple can be annoyingly cutesy, and though the end blew me away, the explanation for the end is a little thin. And there actually aren’t many genuine scares. So, yeah, a letdown. But still not bad.


#7: The Sacrament

the sacrament

Ah yes. Another horror that I foolishly raised my hopes for. Fool me twice…Anyway, after watching The Sacrament (which you can read about here), The House of the Devil, and The Innkeepers (which you can read about here), I’ve come to the conclusion that writer/director Ti West may not be my thing. He has a strategy that works for some, but definitely not for everyone. That strategy? Do nothing for the first half of the movie, then make everything happen all at once. Oh, and also fail to answer a lot of questions in the process. Again, might work for some—heck, might work for you—but for me…meh.


#6: Her

her 1

I’m probably gonna get some flak for this, but yeah—I was disappointed by Her (which you can read about here). Honestly, I think the issue here is more a matter of personal taste than the quality of the film. Because the cast is great, the script is great, and the idea is really interesting. But overall…meh. Now that I’ve seen it, it’s just not one I care to see again, y’know? And I think a lot of my problem with this particular film is that it was built up so much in my mind from all the reviews I’d read praising it as this phenomenal achievement. I went in expecting the wow factor, but I left with more of a “huh” factor. But hey, given the overwhelmingly positive response to this one, that’s probably just me.


#5: Only Lovers Left Alive

only lovers left alive 2

This disappointment is very much in the same vein as Her. In other words, though Only Lovers Left Alive (which you can read about here) is widely praised as a good movie and I totally agree that it has its merits, I found myself disappointed by the time the credits rolled. Great cast, perfect moody atmosphere, and a deliciously unsettling ending, but…mehhhh. I wanted to love it. I really, really did. But it’s just too artsy and mopey for my taste. Really, it’s a hipster movie, and I am so far removed from that culture that I might as well be on another planet. Plus, when you really think about the plot of the film, you start to realize that almost nothing happens. So yeah. Not quite my thing.


#4: Tammy


Oh, Melissa McCarthy. You’re so much better than this. Some of you might think I’m being facetious when I say that, but I’m really not. I like this lady! I think she can be hilarious, and, swear to God, I saw glimpses of a potentially great dramatic actress in this movie (which I talk about here). But those glimpses are not enough to make up for this barely funny comedy. McCarthy’s character is an unlikable jerk for a good portion of the film. The humor is stupidly repetitive—as if one unfunny gag could become funny if we see it over and over again. The writing is not good, which makes me sad because McCarthy and her husband wrote it. Plus, McCarthy plays the EXACT SAME CHARACTER SHE PLAYS IN EVERYTHING. Disappointment truly is the perfect word here.


#3: Transcendence


This movie. UGH. I was fairly easy on it in my review, but looking back, I wish I’d shared more of my frustration. This film completely wastes all of its interesting ideas on a weak, predictable story that pretty much falls apart in the end (in more ways than one, actually). And the cast! UGH. Johnny Depp plays a scientist who ends up as an artificial intelligence system—a character who ought to be incredibly interesting, right? But nope. He’s almost completely devoid of a personality, which you could blame on the script and/or director, but I think Depp is more than a little at fault, too. He’s surprisingly boring when he plays normal dudes. Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy are wasted in minor roles. Kate Mara is annoying as hell. Rebecca Hall and Paul Bettany are—actually, they’re okay. But not much else is.


#2: Lucy

lucy 1

I had genuinely hoped that Lucy (which you can read about here) would transcend the mistakes of Transcendence since it’s a very similar kind of film. Again, the phrase “fool me twice” comes to mind. Scarlett Johansson and the visuals are great. Everything else, not so much. It starts out interesting enough, but then the story becomes mind-numbingly generic and predictable. And then the end happens. This is quite possibly my least favorite ending of 2014. In fact, it might even be in my top ten least favorite endings of all time. Because it’s that stupid. Add in the fact that this is the second sci-fi thriller of the year that grossly misuses the delightful Morgan Freeman, and it has an almost unforgivable number of sins. Coulda been awesome. Shoulda been awesome. WAS NOT AWESOME.


#1: I, Frankenstein

i frankenstein

SWEET MOTHER OF GOD WHY DID I EVER PUT EVEN THE TINIEST AMOUNT OF FAITH IN THIS FILM?!?! Because that really is the case here: I attached a teeny tiny bit of expectation to I, Frankenstein (which you can read about in the same post as Only Lovers Left Alive), simply thinking it would be an enjoyable piece of brainless fluff. Because it had a great amount of potential to be just that. Imagine my surprise when this film not only managed to disappoint me there, but it actually managed to piss me off. What the hell is this crap?! I even got this film for free and it made me angry!! The plot makes no sense, the characters are unlikable and undeveloped, the film takes itself so seriously that it becomes ridiculous, and it is just SO TERRIBLY DUMB. Do not waste one millisecond of time on this. You will regret it.


Are any of these among your disappointments for the year? Am I grossly overreacting? Are you as excited that it’s Friday as I am?! Go see some GOOD movies this weekend! But expect more NOOOOvember disappointments next week! 😉

48 thoughts on “NOOOOvember 2014: Cara’s Top 10 Disappointments of 2014

  1. To start, I didn’t see any of the movies on your list. The Amazing Spiderman 2 seems to be getting a few disappointed reviews. Not bad just disappointment. I missed it because I was on vacay at that time. Which is sad because so far I’ve had a relatively good track record with catching superhero movies in theatres.
    Honeymoon and Only Lovers Left Alive are on my anticipated list for this year. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see them yet. Hopefully soon.
    I had an ounce of hope for I, Frankenstein and then another blogger (which I can’t remember who because it was in Jan or Feb) went to go check it out and it just massively sucked. So I decided to skip. Which I figured is a good decision 😉
    Although I hadn’t seen these ones in particular, but I know how it feels when there’s such anticipation and the movie seemed to have so much potential and it just doesn’t hit the mark.

    • Yeah I still liked ASM2 quite a bit. I just wasn’t expecting it to be as cheesy as it was–especially at the beginning and with some of the villains. I’d say Honeymoon and OLLA are still worth watching. Just maybe don’t expect to love them. Lol. You made a very wise choice staying away from I, Frankenstein. I really should’ve read more reviews before I wasted my time…

    • Lol. How come you two get away with saying bad things about Ti West and I get in trouble for being positive?? 😉 Anyway! Great post, Cara. 🙂 Have to say I’m with you on all (of the ones I’ve seen) except for Her. Her was one of my favorites this year. Oh, and… Umm… Melissa McCarthy… Just not my thing, I guess. I’ve actually been really happy with most of what I’ve seen in 2014, however. It’s been a pretty good year. 🙂 P.S. – I’m almost done with the Dark Water episode of Doctor Who. Good so far!

  2. I’m still sitting here, laughing my head off, which began before I even read the paragraph on “I, Frankenstein”… haha… I really enjoyed this! It also shows me that I was right in skipping some of these, or feeling the things I did after seeing a particular film (“Lucy”). I feel bad you sat through “Tammy” and completely agree that McCarthy is much better than this, and well, everything you said actually. It’s more unfortunate that you couldn’t like “Her” as much as a lot of other people, which happens. The only thing I can note that was the biggest fault, was reading the reviews for the film. I make it a point to not read them, especially if its a really hyped film, unless I know the film will flat out suck (think “Blended”). Thanks so much for a fun read and a lengthy fit of laughter!

    • Haha happy to oblige, Steven! I would say I agree with you that reading reviews of Her before I saw it was a mistake, but I’ve done that with lots of films that didn’t end up letting me down…I dunno. Her just wasn’t what I’d hoped. But still good. But hey, gives me something to rant about. 😉

  3. I love how even the movies you are disappointed with get glowing reviews haha. I left this article really wanting to see Honeymoon.

    I disagree with Her (amazing film) but your winner is bang on. Low expectations, but still managed to disappoint.

    • Honeymoon is still worth a watch, but it just wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped. But you might give it a go! Her wasn’t my favorite, but GAWD it’s an A+++ compared to I, Frankenstein. That’d be like comparing a Shakespeare sonnet to a fart joke.

  4. perfect for this series Cara,

    I was disappointed by all of them that Ive seen on your list besides Her and Transcendence (I think I’m the only one on the planet who enjoyed that one) 🙂

  5. Hmmm. . a very interesting and agreeable list here Miss Shuster!!! Here are my quick reactions to them:

    1) Yup, exactly: ASM-2 was too much cheese. What is this, a party platter?

    2) Godzilly I loved. Loved loved loved. I still think it had the kind of effect that not showing the shark in Jaws had. Aaron Taylor-Johnson sucked, though. I also didn’t like how his father went down so soon

    3) Honeymoon I have no reaction to. Haven’t seen it. Poster is sick, though.

    4) The Sacrament is one I am pretty neutral on. Not bothered about seeing, not bothered about missing. Been reading elsewhere though they should have changed the title to The Excrement. . . 😉

    5) I think it’s perfectly okay to be letdown even in the slightest degree by Her. I remember how crazy the hype got around it. Personally it did the trick for me, but I see how it might not do much for others. Fair eval there friend

    6) Still need to see Hiddles and Swinton as vampires. Sounds cool but yeah I might agree. . . looks too hipster-ish for my tastes.

    7) Fuck Tammy and fuck Melissa McCarthy in these roles. I wanna see her in St. Vincent. 😀

    8 ) Our thoughts on Transcendence couldn’t be more the same.

    9) Lucy was 55% ridiculous, 45% cheesetastic fun for Tom Little.

    10) You saw I, Frankenstein? You need to turn your critic card back in from wherever you got it, methinks. That thing looked positively dreadful.

    • Lol!! This is the most detailed and impressive reaction I’ve had to this yet!! Love it!! Let’s see here…

      1) LOL. Could not have put it better myself. The cheese is def a little much, huh? Still enjoyed it, but yeesh.

      2) I LIKED Godzilla…just didn’t love it. He looked awesome though! But yeah, whose idea was it to cast Taylor-Johnson? I’m still nervous about seeing him in Avengers–especially after seeing how awesome Evan Peters was as Quicksilver. And it frustrates me to no end when I think about the sheer waste with Cranston. Like…why???

      3) Meh. You might like it. But you’ve said you’re not a horror guy, yeah? You could probs skip it.

      4) Same here. Don’t do it. LOL. The Excrement. Sounds like a PERFECT Shitfest entry… 😉

      5) Yeahhhh I’m the oddball on Her. Aw well. Win some, lose some.

      6) Totally hipster, bro. Worth it for those two if you’re still interested, but be prepared for a lot of nothing to happen…

      7) I was curious about St. Vincent! I’d love to see her in a more dramatic role! Or at the very least a role that isn’t completely idiotic…

      8) Transcendence Twinkies. HIGH FIVE.

      9) I’m glad you had fun with it at least. I was hoping for so much more–especially after Transcendence being such a letdown. But nope. I just LOATHED that ending. Oy,

      10) It WAS dreadful. Don’t ever watch it ever. Unless you’ve consumed a lot of alcohol and have lost the ability to care. Or you could make a drinking game out of it. Like, every time you hate everything about it, take a shot. Wait–don’t do that. It’d be an hour-and-a-half of nonstop shots…

      • Yeah, even after going through college I’m not sure I’d be able to down an hour-and-a-half’s worth of shots! Lol! But I’ll take the much-redundant advice and skip the shit out of I, Frankenstein. (Redundant only b/c I’ve seen nothing but scathing reviews about it. This is just another one! hahah! Poor old Aaron Eckhart being plopped into stuff like this. . . ugh.

  6. I completely agree with your opinion of The Amazing Spider-man 2. The Green Goblin didn’t need to be in this film and he felt shoe-horned in there to be part of a certain “event” that happens near the end of the film. Also why was Rhino in the film, it was so unnecessary! I miss Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man minus Spider-Man 3, oh wow was that bad haha.

    • EXACTLY. We are of one mind on this one, my friend. Especially on Spider-Man 3. I actually discussed THAT disappointment for last year’s NOOOOvember. Hahaha. It’s atrocious. I will say, though, that I like Andrew Garfield as Peter muuuuch more than Tobey Maguire. I think with the reboot, Spidey is better but the villains are worse.

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