Challenge Accepted: On the Waterfront


Heeeeeyyyyy yooooouuuuu guuuuuyyyys! Happy Thursday! Know what goes well with Thursdays? A nice little CHALLENGE. 🙂 In case you missed it over at The IPC, Mr. Most Unclean Giantess himself, Eric Isaacs, challenged me to watch The Exorcist III, which you can read about here. But I wasn’t about to watch fo’ free–oh no no. See, in return I made Eric make a solemn blood vow to watch one of my very favorite classics, On the Waterfront (which I gush about here). How did he feel about it? Let’s find out. You’ll find my writing to the left in white and Eric’s to the right in blue.

This is how Miguel's victims look when he's done with them...*shudder*

This is how Miguel’s victims look when he’s done with them…*shudder*


We have something else very, very important to discuss. And that important thing is a classic and one of my all-time favorites, and I hear that you maybe kinda sorta hopefully…liked it?! I am shocked and awed and pleased as punch if this is true!!! So two questions:

1) What did you think about On the Waterfront???

2) Are YOU a contender???



P.S. Miguel says hello, and he looks forward to making ritual sacrifices for you during the entire month of October.


I did watch this thing – and I thought it was —————————> really good! I wouldn’t say it’s my new favorite movie or anything but it wasn’t an awful piece of shit like Citizen Kane. I guess Kane isn’t really  a piece of shit, I just hated every single minute of it. regarding OTW, I did, in fact, NOT hate any of it. I thought some of the scenes got a little long in the drawers but I was able to make it through them. 

I kind of wish Brando had, you know, come after those bosses with a machine gun and blown them all to kingdom come or something, but, oh well, I suppose.

Am I a contender??? Maybe for sorriest movie reviewer of the decade!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

What’s going on up there these days??

I’m with you, bro. Citizen Kane is not my cup of tea. But I’m soooo glad you didn’t hate OTW!!! How great was that contender speech in the cab?? What about that final confrontation of the docks?? Did it kind of make you want a pigeon coop or is that just me??

It would be a very, very different story with a machine gun. Definitely more of an IPC-approved ending. Hahaha. 😉

You are not the sorriest movie reviewer!!! Miguel just flipped out when he saw that you wrote that. He’s rolling on the floor, sobbing and screaming, “WHY MUST MY LORD THINK SO LITTLE OF HIMSELF???” It’s pitiful. You are his whole world, you know.

Livin’ the dream, dude. Livin’ the dream…By which I mean working two jobs and scrambling to find time to blog. Haha. You???


Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Work’s really been up in my tits lately……. : (

I loved the speech in the cab and the big melee on the docks. (Although I still would have preferred some Walking Tall style street justice. Speaking of Walking Tall – have you ever seen that? The original not The Rock job. We should totally do THAT out here!!

I hope you’re taking care of yourself – don’t work too hard!!!


I’m with you bro. Ten-hour days = one tired hooker. I work hard for the money.

I have not seen Walking Tall–the original or the Rock remake–so I’m not sure what kind of justice that would be. But I’m pretty sure poor Terry wouldn’t have been able to do any of that against the union. He’s just one dreamy guy in a plaid jacket, not Rambo! Or Walking Tall guy. Who IS Walking Tall guy? Have you just decided my next challenge? Because I still need to pick out yours…

So that’s that. What will our next challenges be?? Stay tuned…


13 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted: On the Waterfront

  1. 1) Too bad work is all up in Eric’s tits right now.

    2) 10-hour days and two jobs AND you are able to still blog (even in reduced capacity)? That’s the tits!!!

    3) I need to see this movie. Good work you lovely people, you.

    • 1) Yeah that sounds pretty uncomfortable.

      2) My situation has actually changed! One job, 8-hour days. No evenings, no weekends. Feels like heaven. 🙂

      3) Yes you do, you equally lovely person!!

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