NOOOOvember 2014: The White’s List


Time for more NOOOOvember disappointments, amigos! Many of you have been very faithful participants in my little blogathons for awhile, and words cannot express how much I love you for that, but today I’m thrilled to introduce a new face around here: the lovely Miss Brittany of The White’s List! Have you been over to Brittany’s blog? She really has some great stuff–Once Upon a Time recaps, top 10 (or 15 or 20) lists, posts that reflect on bits of history, and so much more.

Plus, she’s got an infectious love of Disney princesses, which is always a plus. 🙂 Although that probably has a lot to do with her NOOOOvember choice. Not gonna lie, I seriously considered talking about this one, too. But I think Brittany’s got this covered. 😉 Take it away, lady!


Synopsis: A vengeful fairy is driven to curse an infant princess, only to discover that the child may be the one person who can restore peace to their troubled land. –


  • Are you kidding? The most bad ass Disney villain of all time on the big screen in a live-action film!!! How can you not be excited?
  • Perfect casting with Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. I seriously can’t picture anyone else who could play this iconic character. And she sounds like she’s got the evil laugh down based on the previews.
  • I’m really onboard to see how this villain is probably not the villain we all remember from the classic animated film. To borrow a line from Wicked, are people born evil or do they have evil thrust upon them?
  • I’m also anxious to see a deeper reasoning as to why she would ever want to curse an innocent baby. Not being invited to the party always seemed like she was throwing a bit of temper tantrum.


  • I love redemption stories and I love seeing how villains aren’t truly villains. BUT, when you take one of the most notorious Disney villains, especially one that was created during Walt Disney’s own time, and you don’t even give her THAT MOMENT where she comes to the dark side before exploring her redemption arc, it’s an epic fail. Maleficent NEVER truly became evil and that’s what I wanted to see. Sure, it was sweet that she became Aurora’s fairy godmother and later regretted the curse. The scene where Maleficent expresses how she doesn’t deserve Aurora’s forgiveness and then provides the real true love’s kiss to awaken Aurora was also emotional (I love how Aurora’s innocence throughout the film is considered strong). But I felt this overall message would have been stronger if Maleficent at one point became evil.
  • The curse. Like I said, Maleficent is plain evil in the animated film and we see how based on the curse. She wants innocent baby Aurora to die. So, why not simply keep that line in the live-action film? Why change it to a “sleep like death?” The sleeping death spell was used by the Evil Queen on Snow White. But Maleficent’s different. She didn’t waste any time with fancy spells. From the moment she arrived at the castle, she meant business and got right to the point with her curse. But not the case here. They made it so we could easily forgive Maleficent later on, although we already had sympathy, even empathy, for her after Stefan stole her wings. Plus, Maleficent then becomes the one who reworks the curse. Nope, sorry. Hate that decision. Again, the film left a lot of room for Maleficent not to be considered truly evil.
  • The fairies. I absolutely hated how these characters became idiotic, careless, irresponsible, and worthless. I get that the film wanted to emphasize the relationship between Maleficent and Aurora, but why turn the fairies into people who don’t give a damn about raising Aurora? Why couldn’t they maybe team up with Maleficent and realize how wrong she was with the curse or something? Why couldn’t they see that Maleficent actually knew about love, kindness, and the joy of helping others before hatred and revenge took over? Geez, it might have been cool to even see the fairies rejoice over Maleficent’s true love kiss, which would have really brought home the “power to women” message that the film outlined.
  • Prince Phillip. He felt like he was a throw away character, whose only purpose was to debunk the meaning of true love’s kiss. Like Prince Hans, it was again for shock value and not much else. Ugh, that drives me crazy. You know what might have actually worked better than seeing Phillip kiss Aurora before Maleficent? Seeing Maleficent kiss Aurora first!! That way, it wouldn’t have been completely predictable when it happened.
  • There was no dancing scene between Aurora and Phillip. Ok, I wasn’t really expecting one, but a little nod to the animated film here would have been nice.
  • For me, the most disappointing thing in the movie was the fact that MALEFICENT DOES NOT BECOME A DRAGON! Her stupid crow does! And he’s a lame dragon who gets caught in a net. I can’t believe they changed that. I don’t care if Maleficent’s wings were her power, her strength, all that symbolism crap. I just wanted to see her as a dragon! Was that too much to ask for a live-action film based on Sleeping Beauty? Besides, not all dragons are evil, especially among Disney characters. Elliot from Pete’s Dragon. Figment. So, why couldn’t Maleficent be a good dragon too? Complete and utter disappointment.

How To Recover:

Obviously, re-watching the Disney animated version of Sleeping Beauty helps, so you can remember how awesome Maleficent is as the mistress of all evil. But I would also suggest Game of Thrones, specifically any scenes with Daenerys’ dragons. They cured my dragon helpings. Still, I think the ultimate cure isn’t out on the market yet, which is Wicked. Although you could catch the stage version, I’m now anxiously awaiting for the day when this musical is made into a movie, since it’s a misunderstood villain story done right.


16 thoughts on “NOOOOvember 2014: The White’s List

  1. Reblogged this on The White's List and commented:
    Silver Screen Serenade is hosting an amazing event called Nooovember 2014, where bloggers can express their disappointment over a movie they were excited to see. I decided to participate and vent about “Maleficent,” which was a lot of fun to write about and I can’t wait to read other submissions. Be sure to check it out! 🙂

  2. A Disney movie making a Disney movie version of a Disney movie. It’s like watching Multiplicity, but we can’t get enough of Michael Keaton. We can, however, oversee and push off overzealous redemption.

    Great job picking this apart!

  3. The embodiment of Nooovember. Such great potential, horrifically wasted. The only thing worth watching this for is Angelina Jolie, who gives a great performance.

  4. Glad I skipped this one although I have to admit that I hated the stage version of Wicked so much I was tempted to walk out.

    Cara, I know I’m very late but if I pull myself together and get you something soon can I still participate?

  5. Great review! Yeah… I didn’t HATE this but it was definitely disappointing. 😦 And MAN I hated what they did to my beloved fairies in this! I LOVED them in Sleeping Beauty! Ugh. Jolie was very good – I wish the movie had been a lot better….

  6. I loved this character as a cartoon. Heck I even have a plastic dollar store figure of her on my desk at work in the middle of the monsters and super hero stuff. Which is exactly why I’ve avoided this film so far-they couldn’t possibly do the character justice. My wife wants to see it, but I may give it a pass.

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