Spook Series 2013: 10 Crawly Creature Features, Pt. 2 (#5-#1)

One more for you today–some of the very best creature features comin’ atcha!

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More Crawly Creature Features for your consideration! If you missed yesterday’s Part One, just click here to check them out. But if you’re all caught up, then by all means read on to discover some of the creepiest, crawliest creature features out there.

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Spook Series 2013: 10 Crawly Creature Features, Pt. 1 (#10-#6)

Here’s another reblog for you, amigos–part one of my favorite Crawly Creature Features from last year’s Spook Series!

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We’ve seen some spine-tingling classics, family-friendly films, ghost stories, horror-comedies, and mockumentaries (all of which can be reviewed in the Spook Series Archives if you happened to miss any), but what would a good Halloween film collection be without some creepy creatures?

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Spook Series 2014: A Fearsome Foursome (#11-14)

spook series 3.5

Oh yeah—it’s time for some more spooks. So far, I’ve covered the top ten films that you, my lovely readers, chose from this poll. If you missed those write-ups, you can find all of them in the Spook Series Archives, along with several write-ups from last year (which I have been reblogging like a lazy fiend, so you can also find it if you just scroll down through my homepage). What new terrors await in this post? Read on, brave souls… Continue reading

Spook Series 2013: 8 Malevolent Mockumentaries

Need some scary movies for the weekend? How about considering some of these malevolent mockumentary horrors I watched for last year’s Spook Series?

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I’ve done Creepy Classics, Family-friendly Frights, Ghostly and Ghoulish Greats, and Sinister Side Splitters—all of which can be seen in the Spook Series Archives. Now I’m turning my attention to horror mockumentaries.

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Premiere Particulars: American Horror Story: Freak Show

Ahs freak show 1

We’ve toured the Murder House, we’ve checked into the Asylum, and we’ve had a magical time with the Coven. Now, the tent is officially open for the Freak Show. I was super amped up for this season of FX’s American Horror Story not only because last season was the best season yet (in my humble opinion), but because I find the idea of a freak show particularly interesting—maybe due to my affinity for HBO’s short-lived Carnivàle, which has a somewhat similar vibe. Continue reading

Spook Series 2013: 11 Sinister Side Splitters, Pt. 2 (#5-#1)

What are the best horror-comedies of all? In my humble opinion, these take the cake.

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Did you have a few laughs yesterday with Part One of the Side Splitters? That’s good. But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. In my humble opinion, these are some of the best horror-comedies around. Beware: you might just start laughing and never stop…

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Spook Series 2013: 11 Sinister Side Splitters, Pt. 1 (#11-#6)

Need a break from your scary-movie-a-thon with some funnies? Here’s part one of a list I compiled last year of some excellent horror-comedies. Because who doesn’t like some laughs with their scares?

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Spook Series continues! I have to say, this is a category I’ve been looking forward to for some time. So far we’ve covered Creepy Classics, Family-friendly Frights, and Ghostly and Ghoulish Greats. If you missed those, feel free to peruse the Spook Series Archives. Now, let’s have some laughs.

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