Good day, friends! The wonderful Mr. Eric Isaacs of The IPC recently challenged me to watch one of his favorite films ever, The Exorcist III. All I had to say about that was CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Check out our little discussion about it! Also, stay tuned next week for when Eric accepts my challenge to him to watch an epic classic!

Isaacs Picture Conclusions


In 2012 – when I first started this place, I used to do special themed posts on Holidays that no one ever read. On Easter of 2012 I published a post about Exorcist III and went on about Satan and his buddies but no one ever looked at it because no one looked at my blog and no one wanted to read about Easter. In 2013, I re-posted it and a couple of people looked at it, but, if you wanted to read about one of my all time favorite movies, you could do that HERE and I would only love it.

I had also just bought some graphic design software and was teaching myself how to use it and I made a fancy movie poster for E3 that isn’t on the post any longer and I can’t find it on my computer so I made a new one for…

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