Spook Series 2013: 8 Fearsome Foreign Films

With scary movies, stepping out of your English-speaking comfort zone can be a beautiful thing. Check out my list of Fearsome Foreign Films from last year’s Spook Series!

Silver Screen Serenade


It’s the penultimate Spook Series 2013 category! Please, stop weeping. You’re embarrassing yourself. After alllll of those other categories (which I won’t bother to name, but you can find them all here), it’s time to address some foreign fare.

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3 thoughts on “Spook Series 2013: 8 Fearsome Foreign Films

  1. Great list! I should really peruse the other lists instead of just making a mental note of doing so. Anyway… I’ve seen four out of four; with the remaining four I’ve been wanting to see for some time (“The Devil’s Backbone” has been sitting on the DVR for months)! It’s just so wonderful to see that someone else is willing to be adventurous. There’s just so much great foreign horror, even if it is cannibalized later on as an American remake.

    • Thanks, Steven! Yeahhh I try not to think about the American remakes with a lot of foreign films. Lol. Occasionally they will be pretty good (i.e. Let Me In) or sometimes even better in my opinion (i.e. The Ring), but so often I prefer the original. And you should DEFINITELY watch The Devil’s Backbone! It’s really fantastic.

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