Duets: Honeymoon and Bad Words


Well I had a new movie-watching experience for this Duet—I rented something from iTunes. Have you guys rented stuff from them before? I don’t know if I want to make a habit of it, but I was eager to see Honeymoon, and since it was a super limited release, iTunes was pretty much my only option. I decided to pair that with a new DVD release, Bad Words. I figured pairing a horror with a comedy would be good for me. Haha. Anyway, let’s sing a little movie duet, shall we? Continue reading

Josh Horowitz Interviews

after hours

Hi there, friends! Hope you had a good weekend! So what lazy video post am I bringing your way today? Well, I decided to up my game and bring you several videos from the gloriously silly Josh Horowitz. Josh is an MTV news correspondent and red carpet regular who shows up for all the big stuff–the Oscars, the Cannes Film Fesvtial, Comic-Con, etc. He’s also the host of MTV After Hours with Josh Horowitz, where lots of hilarious things happen. Continue reading

Cara’s Top 10 Movie Bromances


Happy Friday, you lovely people! Most of the movies out right now kinda suck, and there’s still next to nothing on TV, so let’s spend today talking about a special kind of relationship that I quite enjoy witnessing: the bromance. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the term, but just in case you’re a little fuzzy, let’s turn to Urban Dictionary: a bromance “describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.” Continue reading

Song and Screen, Pt. 5

SLUG as guitar. Kind of gross, but when the expression is this perfect, it's hard to resist.

SLUG as guitar. Kind of gross, but when the expression is this perfect, it’s hard to resist.

Happy Hump Day, ladies and gents! Kind of slow going for reviews and such lately, but I’m constantly remembering songs I can’t hear without thinking of movies, so I thought, “Why not do another Song and Screen?” I can’t believe this is the fifth one I’ve done! Of course, with something like this I could probably do another 50 of them. Continue reading

If Disney Princes Were Real

Yes, I have unearthed yet another video. Hope you guys aren’t getting too tired of these–they’re just so fun and easy to post that I can’t resist! Anyway, today’s selection is comin’ atcha from the brilliant, hilarious folks at Buzzfeed, and it’s all about Disney princes. Specifically, it’s about dating Disney princes. Let’s just say they might not be so charming in real life.

Question of the Month: Most Anticipated Movie (The Real Version)

What time is it? Question of the Month time! Luke’s questions are always great, but this might be my favorite so far: What Movie Are You Most Looking Forward To? So many awesome answers here. Bonus question: Who would play Mr. Eric “The IPC” Isaacs in a movie?

Oracle of Film

And the Oracle is back off holiday. Well, not quite. I still have a pretty hard day of work and right as you are reading this, I am probably slaving away over my ‘mystery, third job’ that I have no idea how much of a mystery it still is, for anyone that follows me too closely on Twitter. I am just too terrible at keeping secrets. But I knew that even if I couldn’t post for the entirety of this week, there was no way in hell I could deny you guys Question of the Month. You put so much effort into these answers and I don’t want you guys going another second without reading the article below.

The Question in hand: What Movie Are You Most Looking Forward To? This could be a film this year, next year, 2016, 2017… if it has been rumoured, you have my permission…

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Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine

Okay, so maybe Adam Levine isn’t primarily known a TV or movie star, but c’mon…it’s Adam Levine. And this IS from the ever delightful Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, so it isn’t entirely irrelevant. 😉 In this lovely clip, Adam and Jimmy play a pretty awesome game that I would love to see Jimmy play with some other singers. The name of the game is Wheel of Musical Impressions. Continue reading

The Ten Most Iconic Female Movie Characters Blogathon


Gotta love a good pass-the-torch blogathon! I did one of these a little while back (see here), and  I think they’re very fun. So imagine how psyched I was when Alex Raphael tagged me for this, The Ten Most Iconic Female Movie Characters Blogathon! Kudos to Dell on Movies for dreaming up this super cool idea! Here are the rules of the blogathon as described by the mastermind himself: Continue reading