The Ten Most Iconic Female Movie Characters Blogathon


Gotta love a good pass-the-torch blogathon! I did one of these a little while back (see here), and  I think they’re very fun. So imagine how psyched I was when Alex Raphael tagged me for this, The Ten Most Iconic Female Movie Characters Blogathon! Kudos to Dell on Movies for dreaming up this super cool idea! Here are the rules of the blogathon as described by the mastermind himself:

A list of 10 iconic female movie characters has been made. That list will be assigned to another blogger who can then change it by removing one character (describing why they think she should not be on the list) and replacing it with another one (also with motivation) and hand over the baton to another blogger. Once assigned, that blogger will have to put his/her post up within a week. If this is not the case the blogger who assigned it has to reassign it to another blogger.

When Alex was tagged, he decided to pull Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly from the list and replace her with Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (see his post here). Nice choice, Alex! So where does that leave us? Let’s take a look at the contenders.











So who’s getting the boot?


I would say this was tough for me, but it was actually surprisingly easy. I’ve never seen Jules and Jim, so Catherine is a complete mystery to me. But, Catherine, whoever you are and whatever you do in Jules and Jim, you go, girl! Haha.

And the new addition is…

clarice starling tmifmc

Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs! But GOD it was a tough choice! I considered all kinds of awesome ladies for this (Hermione Granger, Annie Wilkes, Carrie White, etc.), but ultimately Clarice seemed like the right choice. Not only is this a perfect Oscar-winning performance from Jodie Foster, but Clarice is truly an admirable main character. She’s a tough, smart, resourceful F.B.I. newbie who goes toe-to-toe with a vicious serial killer and lives to tell the tale–not to mention all those tense conversations with everybody’s favorite cannibal genius, Hannibal Lecter. Of all the iconic movie characters out there–female or male–Clarice is one of the best.

And the torch shall be passed to…

My buddy Mikey from Screenkicker! I think Mike could come up with an interesting addition to this list–especially considering this post about female characters in action films. I look forward to your seeing your choice, my friend!

Thanks again for picking me to do this, Alex! Also, if you’d like to trace the path of this blogathon, just go to this page for the full list of participants. Have a good one, amigos!

40 thoughts on “The Ten Most Iconic Female Movie Characters Blogathon

    • Thanks, Alex! I actually just read something about that!! Bryan Fuller, the show’s creator, really wants to bring her in during like the fourth or fifth season, but MGM owns the rights to the character, so he may not be able to… :/

  1. Clarice is a wonderful choice. In fact, I’m surprised this is her first appearance. Thanks for participating. I’ll update the links post to include you tonight.

  2. It’s impossible to argue with Clarice Starling, though I will pitch in and say that Catherine from Jules and Jim was a great pick too. She’s quite a force in that film. Nice job participating in this series!

  3. Wow great post! I love the concept. I totally agree with all your choices. Especially Scarlett O’Hara; she is so sassy and fiesty. Also I think Clarice is a good choice. She is so brave in the film and there is that fantastic scene when she is confronted by a room full of male police officers and has to dictate orders to them. And Lisbeth Salanda, what a good choice!

    • Hello, new friend! Sorry for the delayed response! These are actually not all my choices–it started over at Dell on Movies, and bloggers have been adding and subtracting characters ever since. Clarice was my addition, but I agree that there are some great ladies on here. 🙂 Also, just started following you! I look forward to perusing all your stuff!

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